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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-063D Game Design with Programming Blocks in StarLogo TNGWang, Kevin; McCaffrey, Corey; Wendel, Daniel; Klopfer, Eric
2008-06AR Gone Wild: Two Approaches to Using Augmented Reality Learning Games in ZoosPerry, Judith; Klopfer, Eric; Norton, Marleigh; Sutch, Dan; Sandford, Richard; Facer, Keri
2022Aspiring for Equity: Perspectives From Design of AI EducationWalsh, Benjamin; Dalton, Bridget; Forsyth, Stacey; Haberl, Ellie; Smilack, Jackie; Yeh, Tom; Zhang, Helen; Lee, Irene; Lin, Grace C.; Kim, Yoon Jeon; Stump, Glenda S.; Stoiber, Andy; Altuwaiyan, Amal; Abelson, Hal; Klopfer, Eric; Breazeal, Cynthia; Wilson, Eryka; Aliabadi, Roozbeh; Tian, Jingxian; Carter, James; Long, Duri; Magerko, Brian; Sengupta-Irving, Tesha
2011-06Augmented Reality Games: Place-based Digital LearningKlopfer, Eric; Sheldon, Josh; Rosenheck, Louisa; Perry, Judy; Squire, Kurt; Mathews, Jim; Coulter, Bob; Dunleavy, Matt; Shapiro, R. Benjamin
2005-05Collaborative Learning through Augmented Reality Role PlayingKlopfer, Eric; Perry, Judy; Squire, Kurt; Jan, Ming-Fong
2014-06Combining Video Games and Constructionist Design to Support Deep Learning in PlayHolbert, Nathan; Weintrop, David; Wilensky, Uri; Sengupta, Pratim; Killingsworth, Stephen; Krinks, Kara; Clark, Douglas B.; Brady, Corey; Klopfer, Eric; Shapiro, R. Benjamin; Russ, Rosemary S.; Kafai, Yasmin B.
2015-07Design Features for Computer-Supported Complex Systems Learning and Teaching in High School Science ClassroomsYoon, Susan A.; Anderson, Emma; Koehler-Yom, Jessica; Klopfer, Eric; Sheldon, Josh; Wendel, Daniel; Schoenfeld, Ilana; Scheintaub, Hal; Oztok, Murat; Evans, Chad
2020-06Designing Online Experiences to Support Teacher Learning and Professional Development Across Subject AreasReisman, Abby; Yoon, Susan; Anderson, Emma; Brown, Tymesia; Correnti, Richard; Ebby, Caroline; Goldsmith-Markey, Lindsay; Tobias, Joshua; Klopfer, Eric; Matsumura, Lindsay Clare; Miller, Kate; Reich, Justin; Remillard, Janine; Richman, Thomas; Schoenfeld, Ilana; Shim, Jooeun; Walsh, Maggie; Wendel, Daniel; Zook-Howell, Dena; Fishman, Barry
2013-06Designing to Improve Biology Understanding Complex Systems in High School Classrooms: No Simple Matter!Yoon, Susan; Klopfer, Eric; Sheldon, Josh; Schoenfeld, Ilana; Wendel, Daniel; Wang, Joyce; Scheintaub, Hal; Reider, David
2022Developing Accessible and Sustainable Computational Modeling Tools in Learning Science: What Is Next?Fuhrmann, Tamar; Levy, Sharona T.; Wilensky, Uri; Bumbacher, Engin; Blikstein, Paulo; Saba, Janan; Langbeheim, Elon; Hel-Or, Hagit; Fernandez, Cassia; de Deus Lopes, Roseli; Wendel, Daniel; Klopfer, Eric; Wagh, Aditi; Wilkerson, Michelle
2007-07Engaging Students in Science Controversy Through an Augmented Reality Role-Playing GameRosenbaum, Eric; Klopfer, Eric; Boughner, Britton; Rosenheck, and Louisa
2006-06Feedback and Adaptation Within a Complex Systems Approach to Designing for Scalable and Sustainable Professional DevelopmentYoon, Susan; Klopfer, Eric
2004-06Getting Your Socks Wet: Augmented Reality Environmental ScienceKlopfer, Eric; Squire, Kurt
2002-01The Impact of Distributed and Ubiquitous Computational Devices on the Collaborative Learning EnvironmentKlopfer, Eric; Woodruff, Earl
2015-07Impacts on Student Understanding of Scientific Practices and Crosscutting Themes through an NGSS–Designed Computer-Supported Curriculum and Instruction ProjectYoon, Susan A.; Koehler-Yom, Jessica; Anderson, Emma; Oztok, Murat; Klopfer, Eric; Schoenfeld, Ilana; Wendel, Daniel; Sheldon, Josh; Scheintaub, Hal
2004-06Insights Into the Complexity of Designing for Professional Development Networks in Educational Technologies: Tensions Between Structure and AgencyYoon, Susan; Klopfer, Eric; Richardson, Ginger; Taylor, James
2011-06An Interactive Research Experience with Mobile Biology GamesKlopfer, Eric; Perry, Judy; Rosenheck, Louisa
2012-07Investigating the Relative Difficulty of Various Complex Systems Ideas in BiologyGoh, Sao-Ee; Yoon, Susan; Wang, Joyce; Yang, Zhitong; Klopfer, Eric
2005-05Mystery at the Museum – A Collaborative Game for Museum EducationKlopfer, Eric; Perry, Judy; Squire, Kurt; Jan, Ming-Fong; Steinkuehler, Constance
2008-06New Perspectives on Learning Through (Game) DesignHayes, Elisabeth; Gee, James Paul; Games, Ivan Alex; Torres, Robert; Peppler, Kylie; Kafai, Yasmin; Pinkard, Nichole; Klopfer, Eric; Scheintaub, Hal; Rogers, Maryanna; Forssell, Karin; Martin, Caitlin Kennedy; Barron, Brigid; Eugene, Wanda; Daily, Shaundra; Acholonu, Ugochi; Takeuchi, Lori; Walter, Sarah; Briggs, Kristen