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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-01Collaborative Network-Based Virtual Reality: The Past, the Present, and the Future of the Virtual Solar System ProjectHay, Kenneth E.; Elliott, Dean M.; Kim, Beaumie
2024Culturally Sustaining Game Redesign: Developing Criticality through Redesign of the Tabletop Game Forbidden IslandPoppendorf, Alexandria; Kim, Beaumie; Bastani, Reyhaneh; Gierus, Bogusia; Clyde, Jerremie
2024Democratic Interventions on Walls: Embracing Plurality and Differences Through Street ArtsHo, Wing; Lee, Somi; Kim, Beaumie
2020-06Design Practice and Learning: (Re)Designing a Tabletop Game in a STEM ClassroomRahimi, Farzan Baradaran; Kim, Beaumie; Dadkhahfard, Shima
2008-06Designing and Assessing Modeling and Visualization Technologies (MVT) Enhanced LearningZhang, Baohui; Jacobson, Michael; Kim, Beaumie; Deng, Feng; Pathak, Suneeta; Lossman, Hans; Lin, Xiuqin; Sengupta, Pratim; Wilensky, Uri; Hay, Kenneth
2009-06Designing with learners for game-based collaborative learning: An account of T-Rex groupKim, Beaumie; Pang, Alexis; Kim, Misong; Lee, Jason
2021-06Emergent Learning Possibilities and Evolving Design Spaces in Students’ Redesigning the Pandemic Board GameBastani, Reyhaneh; Kim, Beaumie
2005-05The Evolution of the Intellectual Partnership with a Cognitive Tool in Inquiry-Based Astronomy LaboratoryKim, Beaumie; Hay, Kenneth E.
2009-06Failures and successes in collaborative inquiry: Learning the physics of electricity with agent-based modelsPathak, Suneeta; Kim, Beaumie; Jacobson, Michael; Zhang, BaoHui
2020-06Finding Opportunities to Pursue Interest in the Classroom: Contrasting Two Cases of Redesigning Tabletop GamesKim, Beaumie; Bastani, Reyhaneh; Rahimi, Farzan Baradaran; Dadkhahfard, Shima
2012-07Finding Voices and Emerging Agency in Classroom LearningLee, Tuck Leong; Kim, Beaumie; Kim, Mi Song; Lee, Jason Wen Yau
2018-07Game Design Literacy as a Problem-Solving DispositionKim, Beaumie; Bastani, Reyhaneh
2022Intergenerational Conversations Through Redesigning Tabletop Games: Playing, Designing, and Learning With Canadian FamiliesKim, Beaumie; Bastani, Reyhaneh; Acton, Justin; Clyde, Jerremie
2024Interplay of Form and Function in Learners’ Re-Designed Games within a STEM ClassroomRahimi, Farzan Baradaran; Dadkhahfard, Shima; Kim, Beaumie
2012-07Learners as Informants of Educational Game DesignKim, Beaumie; Tan, Lynde; Kim, Mi Song
2020-06Learners’ Emergent Designs for Play: Game Design as Mathematical Modeling PracticesBastani, Reyhaneh; Kim, Beaumie
2011-06Learners’ Ideas about Plate Tectonics and Collaborative Game PlayKim, Beaumie; Wang, Xueli; Kim, Mi Song
2022Museum Educators' Knowledge Brokering With Boundary ObjectsOstrowdun, Christopher; Kim, Beaumie
2022Pandemic Board Game Redesigned: How Learners’ Decisions Enable Emergent Learning PossibilitiesBastani, Reyhaneh; Kim, Beaumie
2015-07Playing with Gameful Activities and Assessments: Avatars and Experience Points in a Graduate CourseKim, Beaumie