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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Analytical Designs: Goodwin’s Substrates as a Tool for Studying LearningKeifert, Danielle; Hall, Rogers; Enyedy, Noel; Vogelstein, Lauren; Pierson, Ashlyn; Ehrenfeld, Nadav; Marshall, Samantha; McGugan, Katherine Schneeberger; Marin, Ananda; Faulstich, Elisa Noemí Orellana; Bordeaux, Clementine; Clark, Heather; Gravell, Jamie; Lindberg, Lindsay; Morales, Denise; Rodriguez, Lilia; Eyes, Renee White; Flood, Virginia J.; Sharma, Geetanshi; DeLiema, David; Valerie, Jesslyn; Cabrera, Alexis; Smith, Sophie; Xiao, Sihan; Xiao, Chi; Wang, Xuehui; Garner, Brette; Smith, Michael Sean; Harrer, Benedikt; Clark, Douglas
2020-06Broadening Conceptualizations of Learning: Fix-It-Foxing as a Practice for *Learning From* and *Learning With*Keifert, Danielle
2020-06Broadening Learning Sciences Theoretical Lenses to Understand Young Children’s SensemakingKeifert, Danielle; Wang, X. Christine; Sacks, Dania; Levy, Sharona T.; Tu, Xintian; Danish, Joshua; Humburg, Megan; Enyedy, Noel
2021-06Dignity Affirming Learning ContextsKeifert, Danielle; Gutiérrez, Kris; Chen, Rachel; Goodwin, Marjorie Harness; Marin, Ananda; Vossoughi, Shirin; Cekaite, Asta; Rogoff, Barbara; Cortez, Arturo; de León, Lourdes
2021-06Elementary Science Teachers’ Use of Representations to Build Shared Understanding from Students’ Diverse Ideas and PracticesPierson, Ashlyn; Keifert, Danielle; Lee, Sarah; Henrie, Andrea; Johnson, Heather; Enyedy, Noel
2018-07Epistemic Agency as a Members’ ExperienceKeifert, Danielle; Krist, Christina; Scipio, Deana A; Phillips, Anna McLean
2012-07Everyday Interactions and Activities: Field Studies of Early Learning Across SettingsStevens, Reed; Penney, Lauren; Keifert, Danielle; Davis, Pryce; Mehus, Siri; , RichLehrer
2022Navigating Making Space: Attending to Multiple Learning Pathways in Science LearningBell, Adam; Lee, Sarah; Haverly, Christa; Pierson, Ashlyn; Keifert, Danielle; Johnson, Heather; Salgado, Michelle; Shim, Soo-Yean; Krist, Christina; Nation, Jasmine; Kang, Hosun
2022Science Teachers’ Ideological Shifts About Multilingual LearnersDaniel, Bethany; Pierson, Ashlyn; Keifert, Danielle; Lee, Sarah; Askew, Rachel
2022The Tensions of Making Space: How Teachers Work Toward Heterogeneous Science Sense-MakingLee, Sarah J.; Bell, Adam; Keifert, Danielle; Johnson, Heather J.; Pierson, Ashlyn; Henrie, Andrea; Askew, Rachel
2018-07Tracing Bodies Through Liminal Blends during Play-based Inquiry in a Mixed Reality EnvironmentKeifert, Danielle; Enyedy, Noel; Danish, Joshua; Lee, Christine; Dahn, Maggie; Lindberg, Lindsay
2019-06When Words Are Not Enough: What Student Gestures and Embodied Responses Tell Us About Understanding Science Through DanceLindberg, Lindsay; Keifert, Danielle; Enyedy, Noel; Danish, Joshua
2012-07Young Children's Everyday Inquiry: A Field Study of a Young Girl's Play Across ContextsKeifert, Danielle