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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024The Beauty in Science: Understanding the Role of Art in Youth STEAM Identity DevelopmentHill, Kristy; Allen, Carrie D.; Keifert, D. Teo
2024Caring Relations Across Interaction Analysis LabsLove, Candice; Jen, Tessaly; Metts, Elizabeth; Keifert, D. Teo; Gentry, Andria; Goeke, Megan; Carpenter, Zack; DeLiema, David; Hufnagle, Ashley; Vogelstein, Lauren; Steinberg, Rebecca; Thomas, Curtis; Champion, Dionne; Appleby, Lara; Wagh, Aditi; Blake, Ali R.; Velamur, Arundhati; Y., Jasmine; Marin, Ananda
2024Co-Research in Video Analysis: Shifts Towards Ethical ValidityPierson, Ashlyn; Keifert, D. Teo; Gentry, Andria; Vogelstein, Lauren; Elliott, Colin Hennessy; Ryan, Zachary; Horn, Ilana; Spigner, Helena; Felder, Shannon; Henrie, Andrea; Johnson, Heather; Daniel, Bethany; Lee, Sarah; DeLiema, David; Goeke, Megan; Bye, Jeffrey K.; Carpenter, Zack; Marupudi, Vijay; Vasquez, Andrea Wilson; Shapiro, Benjamin R.; Gilliam, Sierra; Garner, Brette; Nolting, Kyle; Marin, Ananda; Lopez, Brenda; Lindberg, Lindsay; Davé, Shivani; Burley, Xan; Springer, Alex; Champion, Dionne; Wagh, Aditi; Sengupta, Pratim; Banerjee, Pallavi; Sanyal, Megha; Dutta, Santanu; Khandelwal, Chetna; Poppins, Daddy; Poof, Little; Book, Big; Bunny; Carrot; Flamingo; Dua, Pricilla; Alcatara, Keidy; Arif, Sofia; Arif, Durdana; Sitwat, Tanzeela; Arif, Fizah
2024Contextualizing Moments of Learning: Entangled PracticeKeifert, D. Teo
2023Future Imaginings for Teaching: Voices of Pre-Service Teachers From Marginalized CommunitiesAvila, Denisse; Keifert, D. Teo; Silva, Supuni Dhameera; Vlaamster, Theadora; Xiao, He; Fan, Xiaolu; Badran, Soad; Gentry, Andria; Lamothe, Mary
2024"How Are Acorns Equitable?": Teacher Candidate Perceptions of Immersive Multilingual ExperiencesLee, Sarah; Daniel, Bethany; Keifert, D. Teo; Pierson, Ashlyn; Jeong, Sophia; Johnson, Heather; Henrie, Andrea; O’Beollain, Skye; Syifa, Mutiara
2024How Story Interpretation + Contextualization Created Possibilities for Collaborative Inquiry with Young Children in FamiliesGentry, Andria; Keifert, D. Teo; Sloane, Maevelyn
2024Methods for Analyzing Ideological Sensemaking in InteractionDaniel, Bethany; Pierson, Ashlyn; Keifert, D. Teo
2023Sustaining Participation in an Elementary Science PD CommunityDaniel, Bethany; Lee, Sarah; Askew, Rachel; Bell, Adam; Henrie, Andrea; Johnson, Heather; Pierson, Ashlyn; Ziegler, Hannah; Keifert, D. Teo
2024Syndrome versus Phenomenon: A Conceptualization of Imposter PhenomenonLamothe, Mary; Keifert, D. Teo
2023Theorizing and Designing Relational Possibilities in Teaching and LearningKeifert, D. Teo; Pierson, Ashlyn; Jeong, Sophia; De Lucca, Natalie; Watkins, Jessica; Bell, Adam; Daniel, Bethany; Henrie, Andrea; Johnson, Heather; Scipio, Déana; Bell, Philip
2024Where Material Impact Matters: Fostering Equitable Teaching Practices through Working Differences in Elementary Science Methods CourseJeong, Sophia; Pierson, Ashlyn; Keifert, D. Teo; Henrie, Andrea; Johnson, Heather; Daniel, Bethany; Lee, Sarah