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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Data Literacies and Social Justice: Exploring Critical Data Literacies through Sociocultural PerspectivesIrgens, Golnaz Arastoopour; Simon, Knight; Wise, Alyssa; Philip, Thomas; Olivares, Maria C.; Van Wart, Sarah; Vakil, Sepehr; Marshall, Jessica; Parikh, Tapan S.; Lopez, M. Lisette; Wilkerson, Michelle; Gutiérrez, Kris; Jiang, Shiyan; Kahn, Jennifer
2019-06Data Wrangling Practices and Process in Modeling Family Migration Narratives with Big Data Visualization TechnologiesJiang, Shiyan; Kahn, Jennifer
2021-06Examining How Youth Build Comparative Models in Storytelling With Large, Complex Data and Visualization ToolsKahn, Jennifer B.; Jiang, Shiyan
2018-07Examining Science Identity Development in a Disciplinary Role-taking Multimodal Composing EnvironmentJiang, Shiyan; Shen, Ji; Smith, Blaine; Kibler, Kristin Watson
2016-07Integrating Science and Writing in Multimedia Science Fictions: Investigating Student Interactions in Role-takingJiang, Shiyan; Shen, Ji; Smith, Blaine Elizabeth
2021-06Modeling Unstructured Data: Teachers as Learners and Designers of Technology-enhanced Artificial Intelligence CurriculumTatar, Cansu; Yoder, Michael Miller; Coven, Madeline; Wiedemann, Kenia; Chao, Jie; Finzer, William; Jiang, Shiyan; Rosé, Carolyn P.
2018-07Multimodal Reflection: Adolescents Remixing and Sharing their Experiences in an Informal STEM+L AcademySmith, Blaine; Shen, Ji; Jiang, Shiyan; Chen, Guanhua; Hamaoui, Marie; Torralba, Juan