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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Crafting Paper Circuits: Gendered Materials for Circuitry LearningHuang, Joey; Han, Ariel; Sedas, Mishael; Telfer-Radzat, Kimberly; Peppler, Kylie
2023Exploring Algorithm Building Through Designing and Making Kinetic SculptureHuang, Joey; Cawelti, Lora; Peppler, Kylie
2022Exploring Social Interactions to Promote Computational Thinking PracticesHuang, Joey
2023Learning at Work: Visual Learning Analytics to Upskill Aerospace Engineers in Advanced ManufacturingPeppler, Kylie; Huang, Joey; Richey, Michael C.; Ginda, Michael; Börner, Katy; Quinlan, Haden; Hart, A. John
2024Parsing the Use of Computational Concepts with Scratch ProjectsHuang, Joey
2020-06Partnering for Equity: Examining Research Practice Partnerships as Part of Community ContextsLee, Ung-Sang; Stamatis, Kristina; Pacheco, Jennifer; Roque, Ricarose; Widman, Sari; Wingert, Kerri; Wegemer, Christopher; Huang, Joey
2017-07Scientific Discourse of Citizen Scientists: A Collaborative Modeling as a Boundary ObjectHuang, Joey; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy; Jordan, Rebecca; Frensley, Troy; Gray, Steven; Newman, Greg
2019-06Studying Computational Thinking Practices Through Collaborative Design Activities with ScratchHuang, Joey; Peppler, Kylie
2023Studying Interdisciplinary Collaboration as a Core SkillVitiello, Rosanna; Huang, Joey; Speer, Samantha; Yankova, Nickolina; Peppler, Kylie; Orta-Martinez, Melisa; Rosé, Carolyn P.
2023Tools Dictate the Divide: Entrenched Gendered Practices in the Making of Kinetic SculpturesOjeda-Ramirez, Santiago; Cawelti, Lora; Huang, Joey; Peppler, Kylie
2018-07Visualizing Complex Classrooms Through Real Time ObservationsHuang, Joey; Gomoll, Andrea Sarah; Tolar, Erin; Silver, Cindy Hmelo; Sabanovic, Selma
2022Visualizing Family Engagement in Museum SettingsHan, Ariel; Keune, Anna; Huang, Joey; Peppler, Kylie
2024Weaving with Ropes to Parse Mathematical AbstractionYankova, Nickolina; Speer, Samantha; Huang, Joey; Peppler, Kylie; Robinson, Olivia; Martinez, Melisa Orta
2023“Where is the Z-Axis?”: Negotiating Understanding of Servo Rotation Through Gestures and ToolsYankova, Nickolina; Huang, Joey; Vitiello, Rosanna; Speer, Samantha; Orta-Martinez, Melisa; Rosé, Carolyn; Peppler, Kylie