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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-06Appropriating Conceptual Representations: A Case of Transfer in a Middle School Science TeacherSinha, Suparna; Gray, Steven; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy; Jordan, Rebecca; Honwad, Sameer; Eberbach, Catherine; Rugaber, Spencer; Vattam, Swaroop; Goel, Ashok
2022Creating Comics About COVID-19 to Understand the Intersections Between Science, Community, and EquityHonwad, Sameer; Gopal, Shakuntala Devi; White, Anthony; Rish, Ryan; Scates, Jessica
2024“Dirty Waters”: Science Teachers’ Perceptions of Discussing Politics in Science Learning SpacesGopal, Shakuntala Devi; Honwad, Sameer
2014-06Education for Sustainability and Resilience in a Changing ClimateHonwad, Sameer; Sypher, Ofelia Mangen; Hoadley, Christopher; Lewis, Armanda; Tamminga, Kenneth; Honey, Rose; Edelson, Daniel C.
2014-06Everyday Life Science and Engineering:Bridging the Gap Between Formal and Informal Learning among Native American Students in the Northwestern United StatesGalbreath, Marcie; Honey, Rose; Honwad, Sameer; Kern, Anne; Meyer, Chris; Laumatia, Laura
2023Finding a Sense of Belonging: Linguistic and Social Marginalization in Education in Rural IndiaChandras, Jessica; Honwad, Sameer; Tirthali, Devayani
2011-06Learning about Ecosystems in a Computer Supported Collaborative Learning EnvironmentHonwad, Sameer; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy; Jordan, Rebecca; Sinha, Suparna; Eberbach, Catherine; Goel, Ashok; Rugaber, Spencer
2024Learning With and About Technology in Rural Western IndiaKedari, Akshay; Honwad, Sameer; Tirthali, Devayani
2008-06Mapping the learning pathways and processes associated with the development of expertise and learner identitiesBricker, Leah; Bell, Philip; Reeve, Suzanne; Barron, Brigid; Pinkard, Nichole; Gomez, Kimberley; Martin, Caitlin Kennedy; Lee, Akili; Chen, Mark; Zimmerman, Heather; Tzou, Carrie; Scalone, Giovanna; Hoadley, Christopher; Honwad, Sameer; Mertl, Veronique; Stevens, Laurie McCarthy Reed; Levias, Sheldon; Feinstein, Noah; Azevedo, Flavio
2023Moving Towards Critical Pedagogy for Transformative Action: Learnings From Research PartnershipsRaman, Preeti; Honwad, Sameer; Gopal, Shakuntala Devi; Kedari, Akshay; Tirthali, Devayani; Carvalho, Renato; Slotta, Jim; Vinay, Khyathi; Kirshner, Ben; Tivaringe, Tafadzwa; Pradhan, Ishita; Jurow, Susan; Blikstein, Paulo; Coelho, Raquel; Valente, José; de Moura, Eliton Meireles; Hoadley, Christopher; Silva, Romaro A.; Corrêa, Joana
2023Schoolyard SITES: School-community Partnership to Learn about Teaching Locally-Relevant Citizen ScienceHonwad, Sameer; Gengarelly, Lara; Glenn, Megan; Froburg, Erik; Clyde, Malin; Andreozzi, Haley
2022Stories of Impact: Scientific Narratives and Climate JusticeSchindel, Alexandra; Rish, Ryan; Honwad, Sameer; Waight, Noemi; Miles, Monica