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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-06Bridging Networked Learning Across Multiple Levels: Participatory Approaches to Competency-Based LearningItow, Rebecca C.; Hickey, Daniel T.
2016-07Competency-Based Digital Badges and Credentials: Cautions and Potential Solutions From the FieldHickey, Daniel T.
2014-06Design Principles for Motivating Learning with Digital Badges: Consideration of Contextual Factors of Recognition and AssessmentTran, Cathy; Schenke, Katerina; Hickey, Daniel T.
2019-06Digital Badges for Capturing, Recognizing, Endorsing, and Motivating Broad Forms of Collaborative LearningHickey, Daniel T.; Andrews, Christopher; Chartrand, Grant
2021-06Expansive Framing of Engagement Survey for Online Learners: A Situative Alternative to the Community of Inquiry SurveyHickey, Daniel T.; Harris, Tripp; Chartrand, Grant T.
2023The Expansive Framing of Engagement Survey: Instrument Validation Insights From Confirmatory Factor AnalysisHarris, Tripp; Hickey, Daniel T.
2019-06Expansively Framing Social Annotations for Generative Collaborative Learning in Online CoursesAndrews, Christopher; Chartrand, Grant; Hickey, Daniel T.
2022Identifying Associations Between Expansive Framing and Transfer Through Learning Analytics in an Online ContextQuick, Joshua D.; Hickey, Daniel T.
2013-06A Multi-Level Analysis of Engagement and Achievement: Badges and Wikifolios in an Online CourseRehak, Andrea M.; Hickey, Daniel T.
2006-06A Multi-level Assessment Strategy: (Dis)Continuity in Making Learning Visible DifferentlyZuiker, Steven J.; Hickey, Daniel T.
2004-06A Multi-Level/Multi-Type Model for Design-Based Alignment of Instruction, Assessment, and TestingHickey, Daniel T.; Zuiker, Steven J.; McGee, Steven
2023Productive Disciplinary Engagement and Expansive Framing as Foundations of Teacher EducationHarris, Tripp; Freedman, Eric B.; Schamberger, Bianca; Jongewaard, Rebekah; Hickey, Daniel T.
2018-07Recognizing Competencies vs. Completion vs. Participation: Ideal Roles for Web-Enabled Digital CredentialsHickey, Daniel T.; Chartrand, Grant
2016-07Scaling Up Productive Disciplinary Engagement With Participatory Learning and AssessmentHickey, Daniel T.; Uttamchandani, Suraj; Quick, Joshua D.
2023Studying Whether Expansive Framing and Authorship Impact Transfer Using Statistical Discourse AnalysisQuick, Joshua D.; Hickey, Daniel T.
2023Supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Through Productive Disciplinary Engagement and Expansive FramingFreedman, Eric B.; Hickey, Daniel T.; Chartrand, Grant T.; Harris, Tripp; Schamberger, Bianca; Luo, Morgan Qianxu