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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06The Beginnings of Engineering Design in an Integrated Engineering and Literacy TaskMcCormick, Mary; Hammer, David
2023Complex Dynamics of Epistemic Agency in a College Physics Lab CourseDescamps, Ian; Jeon, Sophia; Scherr, Rachel; Holmes, Natasha; Hammer, David
2010-06A critique of how learning progressions research conceptualizes sophistication and progressSikorski, Tiffany-Rose; Hammer, David
2020-06Disciplinary Substance of Social CaringAppleby, Lara; Dini, Vesal; Withington, Lily; LaMotte, Ellise; Hammer, David
2008-06How to study learning processes? Reflection on methods for fine-grain data analysisParnafes, Orit; Hammer, David; Louca, Loucas; Sherin, Bruce; Lee, Victor; Krakowski, Moshe; DiSessa, Andrea; Edelson, Daniel
2023“I Guess My Question is Like”: Problematizing in an Introductory College Physics LabJeon, Sophia; Descamps, Ian; Hammer, David
2008-06The Scientific Method and Scientific Inquiry: Tension as in Teaching and LearningTang, Xiaowei; Coffey, Janne; Levin, Dan; Hammer, David
2008-06Student behavior and epistemological framing: Examples from collaborative active-learning activities in physicsScherr, Rachel; Hammer, David
2020-06The Tension Between Pattern-seeking and Mechanistic Reasoning in Explanation Construction in Elementary Science ClassroomTang, Xiaowei; Elby, Andrew; Hammer, David
2008-06Towards a Dynamic Model of Learners’ Ontologies in PhysicsGupta, Ayush; Hammer, David; Redish, Edward F.
2010-06Where to Find the Mind: Identifying the Scale of Cognitive DynamicsConlin, Luke; Gupta, Ayush; Hammer, David