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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-06Advancing a Complex Systems Approach to Personalized Learning Communities: Bandwidth, Sightlines, and Teacher CreativityHamilton, Eric
2019-06Application of the IBE-UNESCO Global Competences Framework in Assessing STEM-focused, Global Collaborative Learning Within a Digital Makerspace EnvironmentEspino, Danielle; Lee, Seung; Van Tress, Lauren; Hamilton, Eric
2011-06Creativity of Teachers and Peer-Student-Tutors through Video Media at the Intersection of Content and CognitionHamilton, Eric; Harding, Nancy; Chaves, Gina; Chaves, Wendy
2008-06Example from a Framework for Future Learning Environments: Human Factors and Learner Engagement in Collaborative Workspaces with Tablet ComputingHamilton, Eric; Hurford, Andrew
2019-06An Initial Look at the Developing Culture of Online Global Meet-ups in Establishing a Collaborative, STEM Media-Making CommunityEspino, Danielle; Lee, Seung; Eagan, Brendan; Hamilton, Eric
2011-06New forms of collaborative repository development involving students, teachers, and Japanese lesson studyHamilton, Eric
2007-07Principles and Grand Challenges for the Future: A Prospectus for the Computer- Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) CommunityHamilton, Eric
2010-06Reflection Tools in Modeling ActivitiesSiewiorek, Nora; Besterfield-Sacre, Mary; Hamilton, Eric; Shuman, Larry J.
2006-06Scaffolding Learner Motivation through a Virtual PeerKim, Yanghee; Hamilton, Eric; Zheng, Jinjie; Baylor, Amy