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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Building and Sustaining Research Practice Partnerships: Variations on Opportunities and ChallengesGoldman, Susan R.; Kavanagh, Sarah S.; Ghousseini, Hala; Kazemi, Elham; Dutro, Elizabeth; Gibbons, Lynsey; Wilhelm, Anne Garrison; Marianno, Latrice; Feng, Mee Na; Ko, Mon-Lin Monica; Hall, Allison H.; Superfine, Alison Castro; Superfine, Benjamin
2023Changing Task, Changing Talk: An Analysis of Whole Class Discussions of Literary TextsHall, Allison H.; Burkett, Candice; Goldman, Susan R.
2006-06College Students’ Understandings of Pressurized Air Movement: Do Isomorphic Questions Elicit Isomorphic Answers?Braasch, Jason; Goldman, Susan R.
2006-06The Effects of Base Ratio and Conceptual Structure on Accuracy in Multiplicative SituationsCanty, Reality S.; Goldman, Susan R.
2014-06Multiple-Text Processing in Text-Based Scientific InquiryJames, Katherine; Goldman, Susan R.; Ko, Mon-Lin Monica; Greenleaf, Cynthia; Brown, Willard
2014-06The Role of Stated Relationships in Detecting Contradictions Between Multiple Representations in ScienceBurkett, Candice; Goldman, Susan R.; Britt, M. Anne
2021-06Teacher Learning From Implementing an Instructional Design for Literary ArgumentationHall, Allison H.; Goldman, Susan R.
2006-06Teaching Students to Evaluate Source Reliability during Internet Research TasksSanchez, Christopher A.; Wiley, Jennifer; Goldman, Susan R.
2022Toward Dialogic Disciplinary Discourse in the Classroom: Teacher and Researcher Collaborative Reflection on Classroom VideoHall, Allison H.; Goldman, Susan R.