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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06“Are You ‘In’ or Are You ‘Out’?” Investigating the Factors Affecting Immersion in a Location-Based AR Game for IBSEGeorgiou, Yiannis; Kyza, Eleni A.
2024Building Digital Competence: Personal and Contextual Factors in Teachers' Professional LearningEconomou, Anastasia; Kapsalis, Georgios; Kyza, Eleni A.; Georgiou, Yiannis; Gallagher, Sean; Galvin, Conor; Gonida, Eleftheria; Leo, Davinia Hernandez; Ilomäki, Liisa; Lakkala, Minna; Moustakas, Dimitris; Papadopoulos, Pantelis M.; Garcia, Aurelio Ruiz
2012-07Creating and Sustaining Online Communities of Practice for Science Teachers' Professional Development: Overcoming the BarriersGeorgiou, Yiannis; Kyza, Eleni A.; Ioannou, Andri I.
2020-06Designing and Orchestrating the Classroom Experience for Technology-Enhanced Embodied LearningIoannou, Marianna; Ioannou, Andri; Georgiou, Yiannis; Retalis, Symeon
2017-07Investigating Immersion in Relation to Students’ Learning During a Collaborative Location-Based Augmented Reality ActivityGeorgiou, Yiannis; Kyza, Eleni A.
2023Investigating Students’ Immersion in Relation to Cultural Heritage Learning in a Virtual Reality EnvironmentGeorgiou, Yiannis; Souropetsis, Markos; Kyza, Eleni A.; Nisiotis, Louis
2024Investigating Students’ Immersion, Motivation and Cultural Heritage Learning in Gamified and Non-gamified Virtual Reality EnvironmentsSouropetsis, Markos; Kyza, Eleni A.; Georgiou, Yiannis; Nisiotis, Louis
2018-07Investigating the Coupling of Narrative and Locality in Augmented Reality Educational Activities: Effects on Students’ Immersion and Learning GainsGeorgiou, Yiannis; Kyza, Eleni A.
2019-06On the Understanding of Students’ Learning and Perceptions of Technology Integration in Low- and High-embodied Group LearningIoannou, Marianna; Georgiou, Yiannis; Ioannou, Andri; Johnson, Mina
2013-06Teacher Framing, Classroom Collaboration Scripts, and Help-Seeking and Help-Giving BehaviorsKyza, Eleni; Georgiou, Yiannis; Hadjichambi, Demetra; Hadjichambis, Andreas