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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Analytical Designs: Goodwin’s Substrates as a Tool for Studying LearningKeifert, Danielle; Hall, Rogers; Enyedy, Noel; Vogelstein, Lauren; Pierson, Ashlyn; Ehrenfeld, Nadav; Marshall, Samantha; McGugan, Katherine Schneeberger; Marin, Ananda; Faulstich, Elisa Noemí Orellana; Bordeaux, Clementine; Clark, Heather; Gravell, Jamie; Lindberg, Lindsay; Morales, Denise; Rodriguez, Lilia; Eyes, Renee White; Flood, Virginia J.; Sharma, Geetanshi; DeLiema, David; Valerie, Jesslyn; Cabrera, Alexis; Smith, Sophie; Xiao, Sihan; Xiao, Chi; Wang, Xuehui; Garner, Brette; Smith, Michael Sean; Harrer, Benedikt; Clark, Douglas
2015-07Boundary Interactions: Resolving Interdisciplinary Collaboration Challenges Using Digitized Embodied PerformancesFlood, Virginia J.; Neff, Michael; Abrahamson, Dor
2021-06Computational Thinking through Body and Ego Syntonicity: Young Children’s Embodied Sense-Making Using A Programming ToyWang, X. Christine; Flood, Virginia J.; Cady, Alice
2022Embodied Responsive Teaching for Supporting Computational Thinking in Early ChildhoodFlood, Virginia J.; Wang, X. Christine; Sheridan, Michael
2024The Enactment of an Instant: A Study of Gesture in Introductory PhysicsBooth, Emma Teresa; Flood, Virginia J.; Harrer, Benedikt W.
2014-06Gesture Enhancement of a Virtual Tutor via Investigating Human Tutor Discursive Strategies: Forms and Functions for ProportionsFlood, Virginia J.; Schneider, Alyse; Abrahamson, Dor
2024Gesture in Synthesizing Student Contributions in Whole-Class Discussion of Graphical Representations of EnergyLee, Seoyeon; Scheuneman, Stacy M.; Flood, Virginia J.; Harrer, Benedikt W.
2023How Kinetically-Held Gestures Support Collaborative Problem Solving in PhysicsFlood, Virginia J.; Harrer, Benedikt W.
2016-07The Interactional Work of Configuring a Mathematical Object in a Technology-Enabled Embodied Learning EnvironmentFlood, Virginia J.; Harrer, Benedikt W.; Abrahamson, Dor
2024Laminated Layers of Abstraction in Physics Students’ GestureZirek, Cagla; Flood, Virginia J.; Harrer, Benedikt W.
2023Preschoolers’ Embodied and Shared Self-Regulation Through Computational ThinkingWang, X. Christine; Flood, Virginia J.; Xing, Grace Yaxin
2021-06Responding to STEM Students' Gestured Candidate ResponsesFlood, Virginia J.; Harrer, Benedikt W.
2020-06Turning Bugs into Learning Opportunities: Understanding Debugging Processes, Perspectives, and PedagogiesKafai, Yasmin; Biswas, Gautam; Hutchins, Nicole; Snyder, Caitlin; Brennan, Karen; Haduong, Paulina; DesPortes, Kayla; Fong, Morgan; Flood, Virginia J.; Aalst, Oia Walker-van; DeLiema, David; Fields, Deborah; Gresalfi, Melissa; Brady, Corey; Steinberg, Selena; Knowe, Madison; Franklin, Diana; Coenraad, Merijke; Weintrop, David; Eatinger, Donna; Palmer, Jen; Wilkerson, Michelle; Roberto, Collette; Bulalacao, Nicole Marie; Danish, Joshua