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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-06Group Meaning in Mathematical Discourse: A Multimodal Analysis of PreK Students Using Multi-Touch Virtual ManipulativesEvans, Michael A.; Wilkins, Jesse L.M.; Motto, Andrea; Brunger, Adrienne; Crider, Jeremy
2008-06ICT4D and the Learning SciencesEvans, Michael A.; Johri, Aditya; Glasson, George E.; Cagiltay, Kursat; Pal, Joyojeet; Sorcar, Piya
2012-07Interactive Surfaces and Spaces: A Learning Sciences AgendaEvans, Michael A.; Rick, Jochen; Horn, Michael; Shen, Chia; Mercier, Emma; McNaughton, James; Higgins, Steve; Tissenbaum, Mike; Lui, Michelle; Slotta, James D.
2010-06Multi-Touch Tabletop Computing for Early Childhood Mathematics: 3D Interaction with Tangible User InterfacesEvans, Michael A.; Drechsel, Elisabeth; Woods, Eric; Cui, Guoqiang
2015-07A Multimodal Approach to the Analysis of Complex Collaborative Learning Environments: Using Complementary Methods of Analysis to Synthesize New Trends in Scaffolding ResearchThompson, Kate; Carvalho, Lucila; Evans, Michael A.; Huang, Lixiao; Khosronejad, Maryam; Reimann, Peter; Aditomo, Anindito; Wardak, Dewa; Goodyear, Peter; Dimitriadis, Yannis; Martinez-Maldonado, Roberto; Dyke, Gregory
2011-06Orchestrating CSCL - More Than a Metaphor?Kollar, Ingo; Hamalainen, Raija; Evans, Michael A.; De Wever, Bram; Perrotta, Carlo
2011-06PreK Teachers & Students Using Multi-Touch Virtual Manipulatives: An Analysis of Usability and Learner-centered DesignEvans, Michael A.; Crider, Jeremy; Motto, Andrea; Brunger, Adrienne; Wilkins, Jesse L.M.