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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Co-Research in Video Analysis: Shifts Towards Ethical ValidityPierson, Ashlyn; Keifert, D. Teo; Gentry, Andria; Vogelstein, Lauren; Elliott, Colin Hennessy; Ryan, Zachary; Horn, Ilana; Spigner, Helena; Felder, Shannon; Henrie, Andrea; Johnson, Heather; Daniel, Bethany; Lee, Sarah; DeLiema, David; Goeke, Megan; Bye, Jeffrey K.; Carpenter, Zack; Marupudi, Vijay; Vasquez, Andrea Wilson; Shapiro, Benjamin R.; Gilliam, Sierra; Garner, Brette; Nolting, Kyle; Marin, Ananda; Lopez, Brenda; Lindberg, Lindsay; Davé, Shivani; Burley, Xan; Springer, Alex; Champion, Dionne; Wagh, Aditi; Sengupta, Pratim; Banerjee, Pallavi; Sanyal, Megha; Dutta, Santanu; Khandelwal, Chetna; Poppins, Daddy; Poof, Little; Book, Big; Bunny; Carrot; Flamingo; Dua, Pricilla; Alcatara, Keidy; Arif, Sofia; Arif, Durdana; Sitwat, Tanzeela; Arif, Fizah
2023Deadline Extensions as Public Pedagogy: Envisioning the Ethics of Care in Academic ConferencesWoods, Peter J.; Elliott, Colin Hennessy
2022“Do I Need to Know What I Am Doing if I Am the Teacher?” Developing Teachers’ Debugging Pedagogies With Physical ComputingElliott, Colin Hennessy; Nixon, Jessie; Bush, Jeffrey B.; Chakarov, Alexandra Gendreau; Recker, Mimi
2018-07A Focus on Contribution Towards Product and Performance in Collaborative DesignElliott, Colin Hennessy; Radke, Sarah C; Y., Jasmine
2024It’s Not Working!: Critical Problems in Emergent Infrastructures of Classroom Physical ComputingElliott, Colin Hennessy; Nixon, Jessie; Chakarov, Alexandra Gendreau; Schneider, Michael; Bhaduri, Srinjita
2021-06Learning to Center Relational Ontologies: Desettling Interaction Analysis MethodsKrishnamoorthy, Rishi; Elliott, Colin Hennessy; Y., Jasmine; Bang, Megan; Marin, Ananda
2020-06Material Entanglements as a Source of Resistance to Educational Injustice in STEM LearningElliott, Colin Hennessy
2024Navigating Tensions within the Co-design Process to Generate Debugging Resources for Middle School STEM ClassroomsSchneider, Michael; Nixon, Jessie; Bhaduri, Srinjita; Elliott, Colin Hennessy
2018-07Social Positioning Newcomer Roles on a High School Robotics Team: A Chronotopic Micro-AnalysisElliott, Colin Hennessy
2021-06Teacher Learning as Co-Operative Work to Expand Images of Future ClassroomsElliott, Colin Hennessy; Gendreau, Alexandra; Recker, Mimi
2023Teachers’ Learning to Support Students During Science Inquiry: Managing Student Uncertainty in a Debugging ContextNixon, Jessie; Elliott, Colin Hennessy; Schneider, Michael; Bush, Jeffrey B.; Bhaduri, Srinjita; Recker, Mimi
2022Understanding the Collaborative Learning Implementation Cycle (CLIC) for a Teacher Learning to Promote Computationally Rich Communication in a Remote STEM ClassroomBush, Jeffrey B.; Biddy, Quentin; Elliott, Colin Hennessy; Chakarov, Alexandra Gendreau; Nixon, Jessie
2020-06Whose Video?: Surveying Implications for Participants Engagement in Video Recording Practices in Ethnographic ResearchElliott, Colin Hennessy; Radke, Sarah; DeLiema, David; Silvis, Deborah; Vogelstein, Lauren; Vossoughi, Shirin; Hall, Rogers
2021-06Why Robots?: Historicizing Engineered Imaginaries and Coded Visions of LearningSilvis, Deborah; Elliott, Colin Hennessy