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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Changes in Students’ Use of Epistemic Criteria in Model EvaluationAv-Shalom, Na'ama Y.; El-Moslimany, Hebbah; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Chinn, Clark
2010-06Changes in Teachers' Ability to Design Inquiry-Based Lessons During a Two-Year Preparation ProgramMacalalag, Augusto; Duncan, Ravit Golan
2022Collaborating Online Through a Pandemic: Designing Virtual Spaces for Rightful PresenceKrishnamoorthy, Rishi; Austin, Tasha; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Tan, Edna; Reichsman, Frieda; Smithen, Burrell; Joshi, Jaya
2022A Comparison of Refutational and Rhetorical Aspects in Science Arguments by Grade LevelCavera, Veronica L.; El-Moslimany, Hebbah; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Chinn, Clark A.
2021-06Cross Sectional Study of Students’ Molecular Explanations of Inheritance PatternsCastro-Faix, Moraima; Duncan, Ravit Golan
2023De/settling Powered Differentials and Disciplinary Practices Through Rightful Presence: Examining How Power, Emotions, and Resistance Shaped Emerging Epistemic Ideals in Middle School ScienceKrishnamoorthy, Rishi; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Tan, Edna; Asada, Megumi
2010-06The Design and Evaluation of Educative Just-In-Time Teacher Supports in a Web-Based EnvironmentEl-Moslimany, Hebbah; Duncan, Ravit Golan; McDonnell, Janice; Lichtenwalner, Sage
2019-06Designing Representations in Deeply Disciplinary Educational GamesDuncan, Ravit Golan; Reichsman, Frieda; McElroy-Brown, Kiley; Cavera, Veronica
2023Designing Science Curricula That Disrupt Disciplinary Boundaries Towards Sociopolitical Change: A Middle School Life Science UnitDuncan, Ravit Golan; Krishnamoorthy, Rishi; Tan, Edna; Austin, Tasha; Reichsman, Frieda; Dabholkar, Sugat; Worsley, Ti'Era; Islam, Anhar; Smithen, Burrell; Joshi, Jaya; Asada, Megumi
2018-07Developing Assessments that Measure Core Ideas and Scientific Practices: Challenges and InsightsCavera, Veronica L; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Chinn, Clark; Castro-Faix, Moraima
2013-06Digital Evidence and Scaffolds in a Model-Based Inquiry Curriculum for Middle School ScienceRinehart, Ronald W.; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Chinn, Clark A.; Dianovsky, Michael
2018-07Do Alternative Instructional Approaches Result in Different Learning Progressions?Castro-Faix, Moraima; Todd, Amber; Romine, William; Duncan, Ravit Golan
2023Elementary Students’ Reasoning About Explanation-Evidence RelationshipsBoyle, Brydie; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Williams, Allison; Danovitch, Judith; Mills, Candice
2024Evaluating Evidence in Epistemically Unfriendly Environments: Strategies and Exemplary Practices for Science InstructionKalu-Mamji, Hera; Boyle, Brydie; Chinn, Clark A.; Duncan, Ravit Golan
2010-06Examining Preservice Teachers' Ability to Attend and Respond to Student ThinkingPilitsis, Vicky; Duncan, Ravit Golan
2006-06Fostering Generative Reasoning about Complex Phenomena in GeneticsDuncan, Ravit Golan
2022Frameworks and Methodologies for Epistemic Growth in K-12 Science Classrooms to Address Post-Truth DiscourseYoon, Susan A.; Chinn, Clark A.; Noushad, Noora F.; Mochizuki, Toshio; Barzilai, Sarit; Mor-Hagani, Shiri; Abed, Fayez; Tal-Savir, Danna; Adah, Emily; Berland, Leema; Manz, Eve; Georgen, Christopher; Britt, M. Anne; McGee, Steven; McGee-Tekula, Randi; Rupp, Kathryn; Higgs, Karyn; Easley, Kathleen; Durik, Amanda M.; Leung, Jessica Shuk Ching; Av-Shalom, Na'ama Y.; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Danish, Joshua; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.; Murphy, Danielle; Stiso, Christina; Ryan, Zachary; Zhou, Jinzhi; Cottone, Amanda M.; Hussain-Abidi, Huma
2014-06Framing Reflections on Instruction: A Precursor to NoticingPilitsis, Vicky; Duncan, Ravit Golan
2014-06How Good Is This Evidence? Students’ Epistemic Competence in Evidence EvaluationChinn, Clark A.; Hung, Leah C.-C.; Zimmerman, Randi M.; Duncan, Ravit Golan
2014-06The Interplay of Domain-Specific and Domain-General Factors in Scientific Reasoning and ArgumentationFischer, Frank; Wecker, Christof; Hetmanek, Andreas; Osborne, Jonathan; Chinn, Clark A.; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Rinhart, Ronald W.; Siler, Stephanie A.; Klahr, David; Sandoval, William A.