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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023All Rhodes Lead to CreativityPei, Sunny; Donaldson, Jonan Phillip; Woodward, Jay
2022Conceptualizations of Teaching and Learning in Impact Statements for Tenure and PromotionDonaldson, Jonan Phillip; Chowdhury, Mahjabin; Zowam, Samuel; Lupiani, Blanca; Wilkinson, Heather; Larson, Brenna; Wallace, William
2022Design of an Argumentation-Based Learning Activity: Connecting Veterinary Students to Real-World ProblemsZhao, Yingying; Kao, Sean; Donaldson, Jonan Phillip; Chaney, Kristin P.
2022Design Thinking as a Structure for Collaborative Project-Based Learning in Multiple DisciplinesDonaldson, Jonan Phillip; Stoddard, Kati; Odom, Summer; Parker, Dawn; Paudyal, Sushil; Thomas, Shawna; Dunlap, Kathrin; Jamal, Tazim
2018-07Design-Activity-Sequence: A Case Study and Polyphonic Analysis of Learning in a Digital Design Thinking WorkshopWheeler, Penny; Trausan-Matu, Stefan; Donaldson, Jonan Phillip; Barany, Amanda
2018-07Designing Learning Environments to Facilitate CreativityDonaldson, Jonan Phillip
2021-06Development of a Faculty Community of Practice for Scholarship of Teaching and LearningDonaldson, Jonan Phillip; Bowhay, Ciana; Dunlap, Kathrin; Joseph, Merlyn; Chowdhury, Mahjabin
2023The Digital Game-Based Language Learning Experience for Vocabulary LearningChowdhury, Mahjabin; Barth, Madeleine; Donaldson, Jonan Phillip
2022Grounded CreativityDonaldson, Jonan Phillip; Woodward, Jay
2021-06Online Design Thinking Faculty Development Workshops: A Design-Based Research StudyDonaldson, Jonan Phillip; Choi, Daniel; Layne, Jean
2023Peer Feedback: Exploring What Hurts and What HelpsRobbins, Robert Jacob; Thomas, Shawna; Chowdhury, Mahjabin; Donaldson, Jonan Phillip
2023Using a Design-Based Research Methodology to Improve Competency-Based GradingAdam, Kelli; Joseph, Merlyn; Lightfoot, Robert; Walker, William Cameron; Donaldson, Jonan Phillip