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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-071692 An Enhanced Framework for Scale Cognition Leveraging Visual Metaphor Theory and Analogical Reasoning TheoryDelgado, Cesar; Peterson, Matthew
2022Embodied Cognition in Virtual Reality to Support Learning of ScaleGampp, Tyler; Delgado, Cesar; Peterson, Matthew; Chen, Karen B.
2012-07Learning Progressions, Learning Trajectories, and EquityDelgado, Cesar; Morton, Karisma
2020-06Reconceptualizing MeasurementDelgado, Cesar; Silver, Edward
2014-06Students’ Resources for the Construction of Scales for GraphingDelgado, Cesar; Lucero, Margaret
2010-06Units of length: A notational system for conceptual understanding of size and scaleDelgado, Cesar
2008-06Using Construct-Centered Design to Align Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Development in Emerging SciencePellegrino, James; Krajcik, Joseph; Stevens, Shawn; Swarat, Su; Shin, Namsoo; Delgado, Cesar; Moher, Tom; Shipley, Emily; Szeto, Alan; Song, Minyoung; Cahill, Clara; Bodner, George; Daly, Shanna; Drane, Denise; Geier, Susan; Hagedorn, Eric; Lauhon, Lincoln; Light, Gregory; Silva, Brenda Lopez; Quintana, Chris; Park, Eun Jung; Unterman, Nathan; Wischow, Emily
2023Using Social Network Analysis to Evaluate the Functioning of a Class With Multiple Collaborating GroupsDĂ­az, Brayan; Delgado, Cesar; Lynch, Collin; Han, Kevin
2023Virtual Reality Induces Awe but Possibly Not AccommodationDelgado, Cesar; Harper-Gampp, Tyler; Peterson, Matthew; Chen, Karen B.