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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-06Computer Support for Collaborative Reflection on Captured Teamwork DataKnipfer, Kristin; Prilla, Michael; Herrmann, Thomas; Cress, Ulrike
2011-06Construction of health knowledge in an alternative medical community of practice: Hermeneutic analysis of a web forumKimmerle, Joachim; Abels, Kristina; Becher, Katharina; Beckers, Anna; Haussmann, Annette; Thiel, Ansgar; Cress, Ulrike
2011-06Divergent and Convergent Knowledge Processes on WikipediaHalatchliyski, Iassen; Kimmerle, Joachim; Cress, Ulrike
2009-06Enhancing pair learning of pupils with cognitive disabilities: Structural support with help of floor controlBientzle, Martina; Wodzicki, Katrin; Lingnau, Andreas; Cress, Ulrike
2013-06From Research Instruments to Classroom Assessments: A Call for Tools to Assist Teacher Assessment of Collaborative LearningStrijbos, Jan-Willem; Fischer, Frank; Cress, Ulrike; Looi, Chee-Kit; Puntambekar, Sadhana; Reimann, Peter; Rosé, Carolyn; Slotta, Jim
2018-07How Learning Outcomes are Measured in Digital Learning Environments in Higher EducationKümmel, Elke; Irle, Gabriele; Moskaliuk, Johannes; Kimmerle, Joachim; Cress, Ulrike
2013-06Individual and Collaborative Reflection at Work: Support for Work-place Learning in HealthcarePrilla, Michael; DeLeeuw, Krista; Cress, Ulrike; Herrmann, Thomas
2008-06The interaction between groups and individuals: The challenge of statistically analysing cooperative learningCress, Ulrike
2009-06Knowledge exchange as a motivational problem – Results of an empirical research programCress, Ulrike; Kimmerle, Joachim
2004-06Knowledge Sharing in Groups: Experimental Findings of How to Overcome a Social DilemmaCress, Ulrike; Hesse, Friedrich-Wilhelm
2009-06Learning and knowledge building with social softwareKimmerle, Joachim; Moskaliuk, Johannes; Cress, Ulrike
2008-06Learning and Knowledge Building with wikis: The Impact of Incongruity between People’s Knowledge and a Wiki’s InformationMoskaliuk, Johannes; Kimmerle, Joachim; Cress, Ulrike
2013-06Making Use of Collective Knowledge - A Cognitive ApproachCress, Ulrike
2013-06Mass Collaboration - An Emerging Field for CSCL ResearchCress, Ulrike
2011-06Patterns as Facilitators for Knowledge Building in Learning OrganizationsMatschke, Christina; Moskaliuk, Johannes; Arnold, Franziska; Cress, Ulrike
2014-06The Role of Inconsistencies in Collaborative Knowledge ConstructionBientzle, Martina; Cress, Ulrike; Kimmerle, Joachim
2017-07Scripted and Unscripted Aspects of Creative Work With KnowledgeBereiter, Carl; Cress, Ulrike; Fischer, Frank; Hakkarainen, Kai; Scardamalia, Marlene; Vogel, Freydis
2010-06Social Software and Knowledge Building: Supporting Co-Evolution of Individual and Collective KnowledgeKimmerle, Joachim; Cress, Ulrike; Held, Christoph; Moskaliuk, Johannes
2011-06Training in Virtual Training Environments: Connecting Theory to PracticeMoskaliuk, Johannes; Bertram, Johanna; Cress, Ulrike
2010-06The use of a digital dance mat for training kindergarten children in a magnitude comparison taskCress, Ulrike; Fischer, Ursula; Korbinian, Moeller; Claudia, Sauter; Hans-Christoph, Nuerk