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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-06Collaboration as Scaffolding: Learning Together with Dynamic, Interactive Scientific Visualizations and Computer ModelsLinn, Marcia; Shen, Ji; Chang, Hsin-Yi; Hsieh, Fang-Pei; Schwendimann, Beat; Matuk, Camillia; Chen, Jennifer King; Chiu, Jennifer; Xie, Charles; Zhang, Baohui; Sun, Daner; Mous, Karel; Koh, Quee Boon; Namdar, Bahadia; Enriquez, Rutchelle; Lei, Jing; Luo, Heng; Lee, Sunghye; Wu, Hsin-Kai
2020-06Examining the Impact of Student Choice in Online Science InvestigationsChen, Jennifer King; Bradford, Allison; Linn, Marcia
2012-07The Idea Manager: A Tool to Scaffold Students in Documenting, Sorting, And Distinguishing Ideas During Science InquiryMatuk, Camillia; McElhaney, Kevin; Chen, Jennifer King; Miller, David; Lim-Breitbart, Jonathan; Linn, Marcia
2020-06Impact of a Teacher Action Planner that Captures Student Ideas on Teacher Customization DecisionsGerard, Libby; Wiley, Korah; Bradford, Allison; Chen, Jennifer King; Lim-Breitbart, Jonathan; Linn, Marcia
2019-06Impact of Choice on Students’ Use of an Experimentation Model for Investigating Ideas About ThermodynamicsChen, Jennifer King; Linn, Marcia
2013-06Reflectively Prototyping a Tool for Exchanging IdeasMatuk, Camillia; McElhaney, Kevin; Miller, David; Chen, Jennifer King; Lim-Breitbart, Jonathan; Terashima, Hiroki; Kwan, Geoffrey; Linn, Marcia
2013-06Supporting Student Choice and Collaborative Decision-Making During Science Inquiry InvestigationsChen, Jennifer King