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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022At the Heart of Learning: Affect, Identity and CareRaman, Preeti; Khan, Rubaina; Slotta, James D.; Chan, Carol K. K.; Zhu, Gaoxia; Hewitt, Jim; Strobel, Johannes; Romkey, Lisa; Singer, Michal; Hod, Yotam; Yang, Yuqin
2014-06Automatic Coding of Questioning Patterns in Knowledge Building DiscourseMu, Jin; van Aalst, Jan; Chan, Carol K. K.; Fu, Ella
2011-06Design and Development of a Formative Assessment Tool for Knowledge Building and Collaborative Learningvan Aalst, Jan; Chan, Carol K. K.; Chan, Yuen-Yan; Wan, Wing-San; Tian, Stella
2022Designing and Promoting Knowledge Building Trajectories Through a Collective Journey of Scientific PracticeFeng, Xueqi; Chan, Carol K. K.; Zhao, Jianhua
2022Developing Productive Classroom Dialogue Using Analytics-Supported Video-Based Approach for Teacher LearningTong, Yuyao; Chan, Carol K. K.; Chen, Gaowei; Wang, Pengjin
2016-07Fostering Collaborative Learning Through Knowledge Building Among Students With Low Academic AchievementYang, Yuqin; van Aalst, Jan; Chan, Carol K. K.
2014-06Promoting 5th Graders’ Views of Science and Scientific Inquiry in an Epistemic-Enriched Knowledge- Building EnvironmentLin, Feng; Chan, Carol K. K.; van Aalst, Jan
2022Scaffolding Computational-Thinking Moves for Collective Knowledge Advancement in Multidisciplinary CollaborationFeng, Xueqi; Chan, Carol K. K.; Zhao, Jianhua; Liu, Kun
2021-06Scaffolding Epistemic Understanding of Discourse and Knowledge Building Using Knowledge-Forum Analytics and Reflective AssessmentTong, Yuyao; Chan, Carol K. K.
2022Supporting Students' Collective Ideas Improvement Through Learning Analytics-Augmented Meta-DiscourseYu, Yawen; Chan, Carol K. K.; Teo, Chew Lee; Chen, Gaowei