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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Becoming a Critical Action Educator: A Comparative Analysis of Formative Interventions in Canada, China, and IndiaCarvalho, Renato; Raman, Preeti; Ghasempour, Erfane; Zhang, Xinhua; Boldyreva, Elena; Slotta, James D.
2021-06Designing a Global Community of Critical Action EducatorsCarvalho, Renato; Raman, Preeti; Boldyreva, Elena; Ndubuisi, Anuli; Burron, Garrick; Zhang, Xinhua; Ghasempour, Erfane; Wilton, Lesley; Slotta, Jim
2023Exploring Teacher Beliefs Around Critical Action Curriculum: Outcomes From a Learning ExchangeK, Nisumba Soodhani; Raman, Preeti; Carvalho, Renato; Vinay, Khyathi; Dasgupta, Chandan; Slotta, James D.
2023Moving Towards Critical Pedagogy for Transformative Action: Learnings From Research PartnershipsRaman, Preeti; Honwad, Sameer; Gopal, Shakuntala Devi; Kedari, Akshay; Tirthali, Devayani; Carvalho, Renato; Slotta, Jim; Vinay, Khyathi; Kirshner, Ben; Tivaringe, Tafadzwa; Pradhan, Ishita; Jurow, Susan; Blikstein, Paulo; Coelho, Raquel; Valente, José; de Moura, Eliton Meireles; Hoadley, Christopher; Silva, Romaro A.; Corrêa, Joana
2022Supporting Students’ Critical Action Within a Cultural Context: A Role for Arts-Based Pedagogy in a Community of LearnersRaman, Preeti; Carvalho, Renato; Ghasempour, Erfane; Zhou, Kathy; Slotta, James D.
2023Teacher Professional Development in Critical Action Pedagogy: A Culturally Responsive ApproachCarvalho, Renato; Ghasempour, Erfane; Khan, Rubaina; Slotta, James D.; Raman, Preeti; Zhang, Xinhua; Chen, Jianbin; Chen, Xi; K, Nisumba Soodhani; Dasgupta, Chandan