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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06Collaborative Talk Across Two Pair-Programming ConfigurationsZakaria, Zarifa; Boulden, Danielle; Vandenberg, Jessica; Tsan, Jennifer; Lynch, Collin; Wiebe, Eric; Boyer, Kristy Elizabeth
2019-06Conflicts and Collaboration: A Study of Upper Elementary Students Solving Computer Science ProblemsTsan, Jennifer; Vandenberg, Jessica; Fu, Xiaoting; Wilkinson, Jamieka; Boulden, Danielle; Boyer, Kristy Elizabeth; Lynch, Collin; Wiebe, Eric
2021-06Examining Collaborative Support for Block-Based Programming with Upper Elementary StudentsTsan, Jennifer; Vandenberg, Jessica; Lynch, Collin; Wiebe, Eric; Boyer, Kristy Elizabeth
2017-07Expressing and Addressing Uncertainty: A Study of Collaborative Problem-Solving DialoguesRodríguez, Fernando J.; Price, Kimberly Michelle; Boyer, Kristy Elizabeth
2020-06Gender Differences in Stress, Perceived Competence, and Perceived Choice During Remote Collaborative Problem SolvingYing, Kimberly Michelle; Rodríguez, Fernando J.; Boyer, Kristy Elizabeth
2023Guide, Safety Net, Project Tester, and More: Investigating the Roles of Facilitators in an AI Summer CampSong, Yukyeong; Tian, Xiaoyi; Barrett, Joanne; Israel, Maya; Boyer, Kristy Elizabeth
2021-06Identifying Productive Conflict During Upper Elementary Students' Collaborative ProgrammingZakaria, Zarifa; Tsan, Jennifer; Vandenberg, Jessica; Lynch, Collin F.; Boyer, Kristy Elizabeth; Wiebe, Eric N.
2021-06My Partner was a Good Partner: Investigating the Relationship between Dialogue Acts and Satisfaction among Middle School Computer Science LearnersKatuka, Gloria Ashiya; Bex, Richard T.; Celepkolu, Mehmet; Boyer, Kristy Elizabeth; Wiebe, Eric; Mott, Bradford; Lester, James
2018-07“Sorry if I’m Leaving You in the Dust”: Toward Understanding the Importance of Student Goals in Collaborative Problem SolvingCelepkolu, Mehmet; Boyer, Kristy Elizabeth
2020-06Student Reflections on Pair Programming in Middle School: A Thematic AnalysisCelepkolu, Mehmet; Galdo, Aisha Chung; Boyer, Kristy Elizabeth; Wiebe, Eric N.; Mott, Bradford; Lester, James C.
2017-07Think First: Fostering Substantive Contributions in Collaborative Problem-Solving DialoguesCelepkolu, Mehmet; Wiggins, Joseph B.; Boyer, Kristy Elizabeth; McMullen, Kyla