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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Culturally Sustaining Game Redesign: Developing Criticality through Redesign of the Tabletop Game Forbidden IslandPoppendorf, Alexandria; Kim, Beaumie; Bastani, Reyhaneh; Gierus, Bogusia; Clyde, Jerremie
2021-06Emergent Learning Possibilities and Evolving Design Spaces in Students’ Redesigning the Pandemic Board GameBastani, Reyhaneh; Kim, Beaumie
2020-06Finding Opportunities to Pursue Interest in the Classroom: Contrasting Two Cases of Redesigning Tabletop GamesKim, Beaumie; Bastani, Reyhaneh; Rahimi, Farzan Baradaran; Dadkhahfard, Shima
2018-07Game Design Literacy as a Problem-Solving DispositionKim, Beaumie; Bastani, Reyhaneh
2022Intergenerational Conversations Through Redesigning Tabletop Games: Playing, Designing, and Learning With Canadian FamiliesKim, Beaumie; Bastani, Reyhaneh; Acton, Justin; Clyde, Jerremie
2020-06Learners’ Emergent Designs for Play: Game Design as Mathematical Modeling PracticesBastani, Reyhaneh; Kim, Beaumie
2022Pandemic Board Game Redesigned: How Learners’ Decisions Enable Emergent Learning PossibilitiesBastani, Reyhaneh; Kim, Beaumie
2024Redesigning Tabletop Games as a Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy in Canadian Middle School ClassroomsKim, Beaumie; Bastani, Reyhaneh; Gierus, Bogusia; Clyde, Jerremie; Poppendorf, Alexandria
2023Refiguring the Positioning Through Tabletop Game Redesign: What it Means to Engage in Culturally-Sustaining Learning as a FamilyBastani, Reyhaneh; Kim, Beaumie; Clyde, Jerremie
2024Resilience and Passion Forged Through Culture and Autonomy: Redesigning Tabletop Games in Middle SchoolGierus, Bogusia; Kim, Beaumie; Bastani, Reyhaneh; Poppendorf, Alexandria; Clyde, Jerremie
2021-06A Review of Complexity Perspectives in the Learning SciencesBastani, Reyhaneh; Kim, Beaumie