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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Designing for Rightful Presence in 6th Grade Science: Community Ethnography as PedagogyBarton, Angela Calabrese; Tan, Edna Tan
2014-06Empowering Under-Represented Middle School Youth in Engineering Knowledge and Productive Identity WorkBarton, Angela Calabrese; Birmingham, Daniel; Tan, Edna; Sato, Takumi
2018-07Equity-oriented STEM-rich Making Among Youth From Historically Marginalized CommunitiesBarton, Angela Calabrese; Tan, Edna Tan
2020-06Expanding Iterations in Making in Support of Community WisdomBarton, Angela Calabrese; Tan, Edna; Roby, ReAnna; Greenberg, Day
2016-07Hacking a Path In and Through STEM: Unpacking the STEM Identity Work of Historically Underrepresented Youth in STEMTan, Edna; Barton, Angela Calabrese
2016-07Mobilities of Criticality: Space-Making, Identity and Agency in a Youth-Centered MakerspaceBarton, Angela Calabrese; Tan, Edna; Shin, Myunghwan
2020-06Participatory Planning and Teaching Restructuring Power Hierarchies and Supporting Learning OpportunitiesSchenkel, Kathleen; Barton, Angela Calabrese
2020-06Practices for Social-Spatial Justice: A Community Project for Reclaiming the Local Science CenterBarton, Angela Calabrese; Balzer, Micaela; Barton, Barbara Calabrese; Kim, Won Jung; Brien, Sinead; Greenberg, Day
2008-06The role of place in science learning among urban middle school students: Science as a contextBarton, Angela Calabrese; Lim, Miyoun; Tan, Edna
2008-06Seeing and Supporting Identity Development in Science EducationBarton, Angela Calabrese; Carlone, Heidi; Cook, Melissa; Wong, Jacqueline; Brickhouse, William Sandoval Nancy
2010-06Teacher Learning about Teacher-Parent Engagement: Shifting Narratives and a Proposed TrajectoryDrake, Corey; Barton, Angela Calabrese
2010-06Understanding the Role of Place in Environmental Education across SettingsScalone, Giovanna; Bell, Philip; Rose, Shari; Barton, Angela Calabrese; Tzou, Carrie
2018-07Unpacking signs of learning in complex social environments: Desettling neoliberal market-driven educational methodologies, epistemologies and recognitions of learningAdams, Jennifer D; Barma, Sylvie; Vincent, Marie-Caroline; Voyer, Samantha; Rahm, Jrene; Touioui, Ferdous; Sengupta, Pratim; Shanahan, Marie-Claire; Hladik, Stephanie; Paré, Dylan; Chaffee, Rachel; Luehmann, April; Greenberg, Day; Thompson, Jessica; Haganah, Sara; Barton, Angela Calabrese; O'Connor, Kevin