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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06Addressing Challenges When Designing NGSS Aligned 3-Dimensional Assessments for Young LearnersRutstein, Daisy; Alozie, Nonye; Fujii, Reina; Fried, Ron
2020-06Automated Collaboration Assessment Using Behavioral AnalyticsAlozie, Nonye; Dhamija, Svati; McBride, Elizabeth; Tamrakar, Amir
2024Broadening Participation in STEM-based Computational Modeling by Leveraging Alternatives to ProgrammingMcElhaney, Kevin W.; Basu, Satabdi; Alozie, Nonye; Hutchins, Nicole; Rachmatullah, Arif; Mills, Kelly; Biswas, Gautam
2018-07The Challenge of Assessing “Knowledge in Use”: Examples from Three-Dimensional Science Learning and InstructionPellegrino, James W; Gane, Brian Douglas; Zaidi, Sania Zahra; Harris, Christopher J.; McElhaney, Kevin W; Alozie, Nonye; Pennock, Phyllis Haugabook; Severance, Samuel; Neumann, Knut; Fortus, David; Krajcik, Joe; Nordine, Jeffrey; Furtak, Erin Marie; Briggs, Derek; Chattergoon, Rajendra; Penuel, Bill; Wingert, Kerri; Van Horne, Katie
2024A Comparison of Computational Practices and Student Challenges Across Three Types of Computational Modeling Activities Integrating Science and EngineeringBasu, Satabdi; Rachmatullah, Arif; McElhaney, Kevin; Alozie, Nonye; Yang, Hui; Hutchins, Nicole; Biswas, Gautam; Mills, Kelly
2019-06Mapping Individual to Group Level Collaboration Indicators Using Speech DataD'Angelo, Cynthia; Smith, Jennifer; Alozie, Nonye; Tsiartas, Andreas; Richey, Colleen; Bratt, Harry
2020-06Promoting Equity and Inclusion in STEM Curriculum DesignFujii, Reina; McElhaney, Kevin; Alozie, Nonye
2023Toward A More Comprehensive Definition of Collaboration: Scholarly Literature vs. PractitionersAlozie, Nonye; Yang, Hui; Rachmatullah, Arif; Lopez-Prado, Bladimir