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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Active Learning as Joint Achievement in Postsecondary Science ClassroomsZhang, Chao; Breuleux, Alain
2024Connecting the Dots: Expanding on What is Scaffolded in Inquiry-Based Lab Approaches for College-level PhysicsCharles, Elizabeth S.; Adams, Rhys; Lenton, Kevin; Dugdale, Michael; Zhang, Chao
2022Dear Pat: The Role of Error Detection Problems for Learning Effective Peer FeedbackCharles, Elizabeth S.; Dugdale, Michael; Lenton, Kevin; Zhang, Chao; Adams, Rhys
2023Designing Inquiry Based Labs for College-Level Biology StudentsLaroche, Karl; Charles, Elizabeth; Dugdale, Michael; Hughes, Sean; Lenton, Kevin; Adams, Rhys; Cormier, Caroline; Turcotte, Véronique; Zhang, Chao
2018-07A Geopositioning View of Teachers’ Orchestration in Active Learning Classrooms: Following teachers’ position/location within the classroomLenton, Kevin; Charles, Elizabeth S.; Dugdale, Michael; Zhang, Chao; Whittaker, Chris; Lasry, Nathaniel
2019-06How Teachers Implement Active Learning: Typologies of Orchestrational FlowCharles, Elizabeth; Slotta, Jim; Cassidy, Robert; Dugdale, Michael; Zhang, Chao; Lenton, Kevin
2023Role of Epistemic Artifacts for Engaging in Collaborative LearningCharles, Elizabeth; Dugdale, Michael; Lenton, Kevin; Zhang, Chao; Adams, Rhys; Whittaker, Chris; Lasry, Nathaniel
2024Roles of Learning Design Tools in Scaffolding Teacher Participation and Learning in Research Practice PartnershipsLaw, Nancy; Ko, Pakon; Charles, Elizabeth S.; Choquette, Jeremie; Jackson, Phoebe; Zhang, Chao; Hernández-Leo, Davinia; Kali, Yael; Sagy, Ornit; Apple, Tehila; Levy, Keren Sarah; Papanikolaou, Kyparisia; Zalavra, Eleni; Sgouropoulou, Cleo; Teo, Chew Lee; Tan, Yee Yin; Yuan, Guangji; Topali, Paraskevi; Ortega-Arranz, Alejandro; Villagrá-Sobrino, Sara L.; Asensio-Pérez, Juan I.; Martínez-Monés, Alejandra; Dimitriadis, Yannis; Zhang, Jingjing; Niu, Xiaojie; Huang, Yicheng; Yang, Yehong