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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Centering Relationships in STEM Disciplines: A Sociopolitical Lens on Teacher LearningWatkins, Jessica; Gravel, Brian; Tucker-Raymond, Eli; Olivares, Maria C.; Millner, Amon; Wright, Christopher G.; Celletti, Jessica; Likely, Rasheda; Miller, Mikhail; Radoff, Jennifer; Sohr, Erin Ronayne; Gupta, Ayush; de Royston, Maxine McKinney
2010-06Children Learning Science through Engineering: An Investigation of Four Engineering-Design-Based Curriculum ModulesWendell, Kristen B.; Connolly, Kathleen G.; Wright, Christopher G.; Jarvin, Linda; Rogers, Chris
2024Empowering Students in Learning Engineering and Design: Ethical and Transformative Pedagogy for a Socially Conscious FuturePérez, Greses; Gravel, Brian; Henderson, Trevion; Pino, Ymbar Polanco; Marvez, G. R.; Mabour, Clara; Cohen, Joshua; Wright, Christopher G.; Millner, Amon; Cardella, Monica; Strong, Alexandra Coso; Secules, Stephen; Fletcher, Trina; Tucker-Raymond, Eli; Olivares, María; Hovhenessian, Cara; Fitzpatrick, Chris; Pea, Roy
2010-06Increasing Rigor and Generativity in Learning: Connections Between the Disciplines, Children's Lived Experience and Everyday KnowledgeBang, Megan; Wright, Christopher G.; Tucker-Raymond, Eli; Cromwell, Folashade Solomon
2020-06Reconceptualizing Legitimate and Generative Learning Experiences in Sports and TechnologyClegg, Tamara; Edouard, Kareem; Greene, Daniel; Jones, Stephanie; Melo, Natalie; Nasir, Na'ilah; Shapiro, R. Benjamin; Smith, Michael; Wright, Christopher G.; Worsley, Marcelo; Zimmermann-Niefield, Abigail
2014-06Reflective Decision Making within the Discourse of Urban Elementary Engineering ClassroomsWright, Christopher G.; Wendell, Kristen B.; Paugh, Patricia