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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-06NetLogo HotLink Replay: A Tool for Exploring, Analyzing and Interpreting Mathematical Change in Complex SystemsWilkerson-Jerde, Michelle; Wilensky, Uri
2020-06NetLogo Mobile: An Agent-Based Modeling Platform and Community for Learners, Teachers, and ResearchersChen, John; Wilensky, Uri
2008-06On Learning Electricity With Multi-Agent Based Computational Models (NIELS)Sengupta, Pratim; Wilensky, Uri
2008-06Perceptual Supports for Sensemaking: A Case Study Using Multi Agent Based Computational Learning EnvironmentsWilkerson, Michelle; Sengupta, Pratim; Wilensky, Uri
2014-06Re-grow Your City: A NetLogo Curriculum Unit on Regional DevelopmentHjorth, Arthur; Wilensky, Uri
2021-06Refining Student Thinking through Computational ModelingSwanson, Hillary; Sherin, Bruce; Wilensky, Uri
2018-07The State of the Field in Computational Thinking AssessmentTissenbaum, Mike; Sheldon, Joshua; Sherman, Mark A; Abelson, Hal; Weintrop, David; Jona, Kemi; Horn, Mike; Wilensky, Uri; Basu, Satabdi; Rutstein, Daisy; Snow, Eric; Shear, Linda; Grover, Shuchi; Lee, Irene; Klopfer, Eric; Jayathirtha, Gayithri; Shaw, Mia; kafai, yasmin; Mustafaraj, Eni; Temple, Will; Shapiro, R. Benjamin; Lui, Debora; Sorensen, Clara
2020-06Students’ Epistemic Connections Between Science Inquiry Practices and Disciplinary Ideas in a Computational Science UnitDabholkar, Sugat; Irgens, Golnaz Arastoopour; Horn, Michael; Wilensky, Uri
2021-06A Tale of Two PDs: Exploring Teachers' Experiences in Co-designing Computational ActivitiesWu, Sally P.W.; Jones, Bonni; Swanson, Hillary; Horn, Michael S.; Wilensky, Uri
2006-06What’s a Situation in Situated Cognition? – A Constructionist Critique of Authentic InquiryAbrahamson, Dor; diSessa, Andrea A.; Blikstein, Paulo; Wilensky, Uri; Uttal, David H.; Amaya, Meredith M.; Marulis, Loren M.; Collins, Allan M.