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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06Analysis of Co-designed Biology Units Integrated with Computational Thinking ActivitiesDabholkar, Sugat; Peel, Amanda; Hao, Delan; Kelter, Jacob; Horn, Michael; Wilensky, Uri
2017-07Anchor Code: Modularity as Evidence for Conceptual Learning and Computational Practices of Students Using a Code-First EnvironmentWagh, Aditi; Levy, Sharona; Horn, Michael; Guo, Yu; Brady, Corey; Wilensky, Uri
2020-06Back to Computational Transparency: Co-designing With Teachers to Integrate Computational Thinking in Science ClassroomsBain, Connor; Anton, Gabriella; Horn, Michael; Wilensky, Uri
2012-07Breeding Birds to Learn about Artificial Selection: Two Birds with One Stone?Wagh, Aditi; Wilensky, Uri
2016-07Bringing Computational Thinking Into High School Mathematics and Science ClassroomsOrton, Kai; Weintrop, David; Beheshti, Elham; Horn, Michael; Jona, Kemi; Wilensky, Uri
2020-06Building Blocks: Kids Designing Scientific, Domain-Specific, Block-Based, Agent-Based MicroworldsMartin, Kit; Bain, Connor; Swanson, Hillary; Horn, Michael; Wilensky, Uri
2020-06A Case Study of Teacher Professional Growth Through Co-design and Implementation of Computationally Enriched Biology UnitsPeel, Amanda; Dabholkar, Sugat; Anton, Gabriella; Wu, Sally; Wilensky, Uri; Horn, Michael
2018-07Characterizing Computational Thinking in High School ScienceSwanson, Hillary; Irgens, Golnaz Arastoopour; Bain, Connor; Hall, Kevin; Woods, Philip; Rogge, Carson; Horn, Mike; Wilensky, Uri
2021-06Characterizing Student Theory Building in Computational ModelingSwanson, Hillary; Sherin, Bruce; Wilensky, Uri
2020-06Characterizing Student Theory Building in the Context of Block-Based Agent-Based Modeling MicroworldsSwanson, Hillary; Martin, Kit; Sherin, Bruce; Wilensky, Uri
2008-06The classroom as a complex adaptive system: an agent-based framework to investigate students’ emergent collective behaviorsBlikstein, Paulo; Abrahamson, Dor; Wilensky, Uri
2014-06Combining Video Games and Constructionist Design to Support Deep Learning in PlayHolbert, Nathan; Weintrop, David; Wilensky, Uri; Sengupta, Pratim; Killingsworth, Stephen; Krinks, Kara; Clark, Douglas B.; Brady, Corey; Klopfer, Eric; Shapiro, R. Benjamin; Russ, Rosemary S.; Kafai, Yasmin B.
2008-06Complex Systems and Learning: Empirical Research, Issues, and ‘seeing’ Scientific Knowledge with New EyesJacobson, Michael; Blikstein, Paulo; Wilensky, Uri; Sengupta, Pratim; Lee, Hyo Jeong So June; Levy, Sharona T; Noss, Richard
2006-06Complex Systems in Education: Conceptual Principles, Methodologies, and Implications for Research in the Learning SciencesJacobson, Michael J.; Wilensky, Uri; Goldstone, Robert; Landy, David; Son, Ji; Lesh, Richard; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.; Azevedo, Roger
2021-06Computational Art EcologiesAnton, Gabriella; Wilensky, Uri
2021-06Constructivist Dialogue Mapping: A Comparison of Museum ExperienceMartin, Kit; Horn, Michael; Wilensky, Uri
2008-06Designing and Assessing Modeling and Visualization Technologies (MVT) Enhanced LearningZhang, Baohui; Jacobson, Michael; Kim, Beaumie; Deng, Feng; Pathak, Suneeta; Lossman, Hans; Lin, Xiuqin; Sengupta, Pratim; Wilensky, Uri; Hay, Kenneth
2019-06Designing for ESM-Mediated Collaborative Science LearningDabholkar, Sugat; Wilensky, Uri
2022Designing Learning Environments With Iterative Conjecture Mapping to Support Teachers’ Computational Thinking LearningPeel, Amanda; Kelter, Jacob; Zhao, Lexie; Horn, Michael; Wilensky, Uri
2012-07Designing Video Games that Encourage Players to Integrate Formal Representations with Informal PlayHolbert, Nathan; Wilensky, Uri