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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-07Methods of analysis for identifying patterns of problem solving processes in a computersupported collaborative environmentKennedy-Clark, Shannon; Thompson, Kate
2015-07A Multimodal Approach to the Analysis of Complex Collaborative Learning Environments: Using Complementary Methods of Analysis to Synthesize New Trends in Scaffolding ResearchThompson, Kate; Carvalho, Lucila; Evans, Michael A.; Huang, Lixiao; Khosronejad, Maryam; Reimann, Peter; Aditomo, Anindito; Wardak, Dewa; Goodyear, Peter; Dimitriadis, Yannis; Martinez-Maldonado, Roberto; Dyke, Gregory
2011-06Patterns of Collaborative Convergence in a Scenario-Based Multi-User Virtual EnvironmentKennedy-Clark, Shannon; Thompson, Kate
2013-06Phases of Design: Following Idea Development and Patterns of Collaborative Discussion in a Learning By Design ProjectThompson, Kate; Ashe, David; Yeoman, Pippa; Parisio, Martin
2012-07Processes of decision-making with adaptive combinations of wiki and chat toolsThompson, Kate; Kelly, Nick
2009-06Students engaged in collaborative modelingReimann, Peter; Aditomo, Anindito; Thompson, Kate
2019-06Tools to Facilitate Teacher and Student Collaboration in AssessmentThompson, Kate; Kanasa, Harry; Chapman, Susan
2013-06Using Automated and Fine-Grained Analysis of Pronoun Use as Indicators of Progress in an Online Collaborative ProjectThompson, Kate; Kennedy-Clark, Shannon; Kelly, Nick; Wheeler, Penny
2009-06Using process mining to identify models of group decision making in chat dataReimann, Peter; Frerejean, Jimmy; Thompson, Kate
2008-06The value of multiple representations for learning about complex systemsThompson, Kate