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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06Automated Tracking of Student Activities in a Makerspace Using Motion Sensor DataSung, Gahyun; Yoo, Tyler; Chng, Edwin; Yang, Stephanie; Schneider, Bertrand
2023Can AI Help Teachers Write Higher Quality Feedback? Lessons Learned From Using the GPT-3 Engine in a Makerspace CourseSung, Gahyun; Guillain, LĂ©onore; Schneider, Bertrand
2022Effort and Struggles in the Data: How Do Low and High Achieving Students Use an Online Textbook in an Introductory STEM Course?Sung, Gahyun; Yang, Stephanie; Tucker, Mary C.; Schneider, Bertrand
2023Joint Visual Attention Predicts Learning in 1-On-1 Remote Teaching: A Dual Eye-Tracking StudySchneider, Bertrand; Feng, Tianyi; Sung, Gahyun
2022Leveraging Student-Written Chapter Summaries to Assess Understanding and Motivation in an Introductory Statistics CourseYang, Stephanie; Sung, Gahyun; C., Mary Tucker; Schneider, Bertrand
2023Probabilistic Motivation Profiles and Student Behaviors in Log DataSung, Gahyun
2023Proposing the Multimodal Learning Analytics Platform for Social Emotional LearningSung, Gahyun; Schneider, Bertrand
2022Towards Automated Tracking of Affect: Testing the Use of Continuous Self-Reports and Multimodal MetricsSung, Gahyun; Hassan, Javaria; Schneider, Bertrand
2022What Matters Most for Learning From Online Videos, Seeing the Instructor’s Face or Gaze? Impact on Instructor-Student SynchronySchneider, Bertrand; Sung, Gahyun; Hassan, Javaria; Bhinder, Harum