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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-06From Show, To Room, To World: A Cross-Context Investigation of How Children Learn from Media ProgrammingDugan, Therese E.; Stevens, Reed; Mehus, Siri
2016-07FUSE: An Alternative Infrastructure for Empowering Learners in SchoolsStevens, Reed; Jona, Kemi; Penney, Lauren; Champion, Dionne; Ramey, Kay E.; Hilppö, Jaakko; Echevarria, Ruben; Penuel, William
2008-06Gender, institutional structure and learning in an engineering collegeGarrison, Lari; Stevens, Reed; Jocuns, Andrew
2019-06Girls as Experts, Helpers, Organizers, and Leaders: Designing for Equitable Access and Participation in CSCL EnvironmentsRamey, Kay; Stevens, Reed
2020-06How One Implementation of an Educational Innovation DiedRamey, Kay; Stevens, Reed
2010-06Interactional Arrangements for Learning about Science in Early Childhood: A Case Study Across Preschool and Home ContextsMehus, Siri; Stevens, Reed; Grigholm, Linda
2014-06Is the Sum Greater than Its Parts? Reflections on the Agenda of Integrating Analyses of Cognition and LearningLevin, Mariana; Parnafes, Orit; Koschmann, Timothy; diSessa, Andrea A.; Stevens, Reed; Hall, Rogers; Danish, Joshua A.; Enyedy, Noel
2020-06Kira & the Spinners: Exploring the Dilemmas of a Structured-Choice Learning Environment in a Public SchoolMeyerhoff, Peter; Stevens, Reed
2010-06The Learning Sciences as a Setting for LearningEvans, Michael; Packer, Martin; Stevens, Reed; Maddox, Cody; Sawyer, R. Keith; Larreamendy, Jorge
2010-06Made by Hand: Gestural Practices for the Building of Complex Concepts in Face-to-Face, One-on-One Learning ArrangementsScopelitis, Stephanie; Mehus, Siri; Stevens, Reed
2014-06Mapping the Distribution of Children’s Digital Media Practices: Methodological Innovations and ChallengesStevens, Reed; Taylor, Katie Headrick; Takeuchi, Lori; Hayes, Elisabeth; Siyahhan, Sinem; Barron, Brigid; Levinson, Amber; Zarate, Rosalia Chavez; Martin, Caitlin Kennedy; Lee, June H.; Wartella, Ellen; Lauricella, Alexis R.; Penuel, William R.
2015-07‘Re-mediating’ LearningJona, Kemi; Penney, Lauren; Stevens, Reed
2004-06Seeing Nacirema: How Students and Professors Interpret Ethnographic FilmChambers, Eric Karl; Stevens, Reed
2018-07STEAM Learning in an In-school Makerspace: The Role of Distributed Spatial SensemakingRamey, Kay E; Stevens, Reed; Uttal, David
2002-01VideoTraces: Rich Media Annotations for Learning and TeachingStevens, Reed; Cherry, Gina; Fournier, Janice
2020-06What Kind of Place is School to Learn? A Comparative Perspective From Students on the QuestionStevens, Reed; Ramey, Kay