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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-07The 3R Orchestration Cycle: Fostering Multi-Modal Inquiry Discourse in a Scaffolded Inquiry EnvironmentFong, Cresencia; Cober, Rebecca; Messina, Richard; Moher, Tom; Murray, Julia; Peebles, Ben; Slotta, James D.
2010-06Activity-Theoretical Research on Science Teachers' Expertise and LearningForbes, Cory; Madeira, Cheryl; Slotta, James D.
2021-06Advancing Technology Environments for Learning CommunitiesAmundrud, Anja; Smørdal, Ole; Zhang, Jianwei; Chen, Mei-Hwa; Kalir, Jeremiah; Chen, Bodong; Chang, Yu-Hui; Groos, David; Wiebe, Joel P.; Slotta, James D.; Hod, Yotam
2010-06Analyzing Collaborative Knowledge Construction in Secondary School BiologyPeters, Vanessa; Slotta, James D.
2010-06Analyzing Equality of Participation in Collaborative Inquiry: Toward a Knowledge CommunityNajafi, Hedieh; Slotta, James D.
2024Applying the Understanding by Design (UbD) Model to Support Critical Thinking and Multidisciplinary Inquiry in the Chinese High School Biology CurriculumZhang, Xinhua; Su, Xiaoru; Huang, Siqi; Tian, Huiyu; Chen, Jianbin; Carvalho, Renato; Slotta, James D.
2022At the Heart of Learning: Affect, Identity and CareRaman, Preeti; Khan, Rubaina; Slotta, James D.; Chan, Carol K. K.; Zhu, Gaoxia; Hewitt, Jim; Strobel, Johannes; Romkey, Lisa; Singer, Michal; Hod, Yotam; Yang, Yuqin
2022Becoming a Critical Action Educator: A Comparative Analysis of Formative Interventions in Canada, China, and IndiaCarvalho, Renato; Raman, Preeti; Ghasempour, Erfane; Zhang, Xinhua; Boldyreva, Elena; Slotta, James D.
2014-06Becoming Reflective: Designing for Reflection on Physical PerformancesMoher, Tom; Ching, Cynthia Carter; Schaefer, Sara; Lee, Victor R.; Enyedy, Noel; Danish, Joshua A.; Guerra, Paulo; Gnoli, Alessandro; Pazmino, Priscilla Jimenez; Silva, Brenda A. López; Lyons, Leilah; Perritano, Anthony; Slattery, Brian; Tissenbaum, Mike; Slotta, James D.; Cober, Rebecca; Fong, Cresencia; Rubin, Andee
2011-06Co-design of Collaborative Collective Knowledge EnvironmentCharles, Elizabeth S.; Tissenbaum, Mike; Whittaker, Chris; Lui, Michelle; Dugdale, Michael; Slotta, James D.
2009-06Co-designing curricula to promote collaborative knowledge construction in secondary school sciencePeters, Vanessa L.; Slotta, James D.
2023Co-designing Technology Scaffolds and Scripts for Co-regulated, Adaptable Learning Community CurriculaWiebe, Joel P.; Martin, Emilia; Slotta, James D.
2014-06Collective Immersive Simulations: A New Approach to Learning and Instruction of Complex Biology TopicsLui, Michelle; Slotta, James D.
2013-06Common Knowledge: Orchestrating Synchronously Blended F2F Discourse in the Elementary ClassroomFong, Cresencia; Cober, Rebecca; Madeira, Cheryl; Messina, Richard; Murray, Julia; Peebles, Ben; Slotta, James D.
2010-06Content Analysis of Collaboratively Constructed Knowledge Artifacts: Issues and Opportunities for ResearchDe Wever, Bram; Van Keer, Hilde; Peters, Vanessa; Slotta, James D.; Charles, Elizabeth; Lasry, Nathaniel; , Chris
2009-06Designing on-line communities to enhance teacher professional developmentMadeira, Cheryl Ann; Slotta, James D.
2014-06Developing an Orchestrational Framework for Collective Inquiry in Smart Classrooms: SAIL Smart Space (S3)Tissenbaum, Mike; Slotta, James D.
2022Development of Students’ Science Identities in a Biology Classroom: A Learning Community ApproachBoldyreva, Elena; Niño-Soto, Maria; Slotta, James D.
2024Digging the Abandoned Feelings out of the Wasteland: Raising Trouble Makers through A Dystopian Critical Action GameZhou, Kathy H.; Pullen, Charlie; Slotta, James D.
2023A Dystopian Game for Change: Building Asynchronous Learning Network Through Co-Design Partnerships Across DisciplinesZhou, Kathy H.; Slotta, James D.