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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06Imagination in Adolescents’ Collaborative Multimodal Science FictionsKolovou, Maria; Shen, Ji; Smith, Blaine
2008-06Improving the Design and Impact of Interactive, Dynamic Visualizations for Science LearningChang, Hsin-Yi; Shen, Ji; Chiu, Jennifer; Clark, Douglas; Menekse, Muhsin; Schleigh, Cynthia D’Angelo Sharon; Touchman, Stephanie; McElhaney, Kevin; Varma, Keisha; Price, Aaron; Lee, Hee-Sun
2016-07Integrating Science and Writing in Multimedia Science Fictions: Investigating Student Interactions in Role-takingJiang, Shiyan; Shen, Ji; Smith, Blaine Elizabeth
2014-06Knowledge Organization with Multiple External Representations for Socioscientific Argumentation: A Case on Nuclear EnergyNamdar, Bahadir; Shen, Ji
2013-06Knowledge Organization with Multiple External Representations in an Argumentation Based Computer Supported Collaborative Learning EnvironmentNamdar, Bahadir; Shen, Ji
2010-06Measuring Transformative Modeling: A Framework of Formatively Assessing Students' Deep Conceptual Understanding in Physical SciencesShen, Ji; Liu, Ou Lydia; Chang, Hsin-Yi
2018-07Multimodal Reflection: Adolescents Remixing and Sharing their Experiences in an Informal STEM+L AcademySmith, Blaine; Shen, Ji; Jiang, Shiyan; Chen, Guanhua; Hamaoui, Marie; Torralba, Juan
2020-06Storytelling for Science Learning: Developing an Assessment Framework to Examine Adolescents’ Multimodal Sci-Fi NarrativesRan, Hua; Shen, Ji; Smith, Blaine; Kolovou, Maria; Wang, Changzhao
2018-07Student Learning of Computational Thinking in A Robotics Curriculum: Transferrable Skills and Relevant FactorsChen, Guanhua; Shen, Ji
2006-06Tools and Task Structures in Modeling Balance BeamShen, Ji
2012-07Toward a Cognitive Framework of Interdisciplinary UnderstandingSung, Shannon; Shen, Ji; Zhang, Dongmei
2010-06Using Visualization to Link Abstract Science and Everyday ExperienceShen, Ji; Chang, Hsin-Yi; Chiu, Jennifer; Clark, Douglas; McElhaney, Kevin; Varma, Keisha; Wiebe, Eric; Zhang, Helen; Linn, Marcia