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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Cognitive Dissonance and Equity: Designing Digital Simulations for K-12 Computer Science Teacher EducationLarke, Laura; Hillaire, Garron; Chen, Hao; Dutt, Ritam; Rosé, Carolyn Penstein; Reich, Justin
2020-06Designing Online Experiences to Support Teacher Learning and Professional Development Across Subject AreasReisman, Abby; Yoon, Susan; Anderson, Emma; Brown, Tymesia; Correnti, Richard; Ebby, Caroline; Goldsmith-Markey, Lindsay; Tobias, Joshua; Klopfer, Eric; Matsumura, Lindsay Clare; Miller, Kate; Reich, Justin; Remillard, Janine; Richman, Thomas; Schoenfeld, Ilana; Shim, Jooeun; Walsh, Maggie; Wendel, Daniel; Zook-Howell, Dena; Fishman, Barry
2023Digital Clinical Simulations and Video Debriefs to Promote Equity Mindsets: Insights From a Mixed-Methods Staggered Randomized Experiment in an Online CourseLittenberg-Tobias, Joshua; Reich, Justin; Raman, Preeti
2020-06Facilitating Discussion of Controversial Issues: Digital Practice SpaceKessner, Taylor; Tobias, Joshua; Kennett, Katrina; Kaka, Sarah; Francis, Tuf; Marvez, G. R.; Reich, Justin; Smith, Essence
2020-06Practice-Based Teacher Education With ELK: A Role-Playing Simulation for Eliciting Learner KnowledgeWang, Xu; Thompson, Meredith; Yang, Kexin; Roy, Dan; Koedinger, Kenneth; Rosé, Carolyn Penstein; Reich, Justin
2018-07Teacher Practice Spaces: Examples and Design ConsiderationsReich, Justin; Kim, Yoon Jeon; Robinson, Kevin; Roy, Dan; Thompson, Meredith