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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06The Importance of Aiming for Practical Wisdom: Why We Should Nest Epistemic Goals in Phronetic GoalsPolman, Joseph; Riedy, Robbin; Hinojosa, Leighanna
2017-07Integrating Eye-Tracking Activities Into a Learning Environment to Promote Collaborative Meta-Semiotic Reflection and DiscourseSommer, Stephen; Hinojosa, Leighanna; Traut, Hilary; Polman, Joseph; Weidler-Lewis, Joanna
2016-07Iterative Curricular Design of Collaborative Infographics for Science Literacy in Informal Learning SpacesSommer, Stephen; Graville-Smith, Cynthia; Hinojosa, Leighanna; Polman, Joseph
2020-06Iterative Participant and Activity Structures in a Peer Supported Science Infographic CurriculumSommer, Stephen; Polman, Joseph
2020-06“Our Dog Probably Thinks Christmas is Really Boring”: Re-mediating Science Education for Feminist-Inspired InquiryKelly, Annie; Chang, Christine; Hill, Christian; West, Mary; Yoder, Mary; Polman, Joseph; Kane, Shaun; Eisenberg, Michael; Shapiro, R. Benjamin
2019-06Research as Learning From Youth: Leveraging Collaborative Digital Tools to Position Youth as Experts on ThemselvesGraville, Cynthia; Polman, Joseph; Morgan, Taylor; Englander, Claire; Fair, Jordan; Lott, Kurt; McGartland, Tessa; Merrill, BriYana; Morganfield, Kennedy; Moore, Darby; O'Brien, Annie; Rush, Adam; Shanahan, Patrick; Swenson, Erik; Sylar, Ben; Teasedale, Michael; White, Erikah
2016-07Teachers and Professional Development: New Contexts, Modes, and Concerns in the Age of Social MediaGreenhow, Chrisine; Hershkovitz, Arnon; Baruch, Alona Forkosh; Askari, Emilia; Tsovaltzi, Dimitra; Asterhan, Christa; Puhl, Thomas; Weinberger, Armin; Bouton, Edith; Polman, Joseph
2010-06Understanding a future with multiple pasts - Projects on metahistorical understandingO'Neill, D. Kevin; Kolikant, Yifat Ben-David; Polman, Joseph; Radinsky, Josh