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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06“Making it Culturally Relevant”: A Visual Learning Analytics System Supporting Teachers to Reflect on Classroom EquityRaza, Ali; Penuel, William R.; Allen, Anna-Ruth; Sumner, Tamara; Jacobs, Jennifer K.
2014-06Mapping the Distribution of Children’s Digital Media Practices: Methodological Innovations and ChallengesStevens, Reed; Taylor, Katie Headrick; Takeuchi, Lori; Hayes, Elisabeth; Siyahhan, Sinem; Barron, Brigid; Levinson, Amber; Zarate, Rosalia Chavez; Martin, Caitlin Kennedy; Lee, June H.; Wartella, Ellen; Lauricella, Alexis R.; Penuel, William R.
2020-06Measuring Equitable Science Instruction at ScaleKrumm, Andy; Penuel, William R.; Pazera, Carol; Landel, Carolyn
2004-06Meeting Teachers in the Middle: Designing Handheld Software to Improve Student QuestioningPenuel, William R.; Yarnall, Louise; Koch, Melissa; Roschelle, Jeremy
2024MOSAIC Protocol: Analyzing Small Group Work to Gain Insights into Collaboration Support for Middle School STEM ClassroomsHoang, Nga; Bush, Jeffrey B.; Dey, Indrani; Watts, Emily; Clevenger, Charis; Penuel, William R.
2020-06Mutual Learning at the Boundaries of Research and Practice: A Framework for Understanding Research-Practice PartnershipsFarrell, Caitlin; Penuel, William R.; Allen, Anna-Ruth; Anderson, Eleanor; Bohannon, Angel; Coburn, Cynthia; Brown, Stephanie
2023Out-of-School Time: Divergent Learning, Divergent OpportunitiesFishman, Barry; Herrenkohl, Leslie; Pinkard, Nichole; Taylor, Katie Headrick; Cederquist, Steven; Gu, Xingjian; Jones, Denise; Lee, Jiyoung; Lee, Lo; Majors, Yolanda; Reid, Cavar; Samuelson, Alex; Henriquez, Andrés; Penuel, William R.; Peppler, Kylie
2006-06PD3: A Handheld Observation Tool to Support Instructional LeadershipChung, Mark; Penuel, William R.
2020-06Preparing Researchers to Participate in Collaborative ResearchDavidson, Kristen; Bell, Adam; Riedy, Robbin; Sandoval, Carlos; Wegemer, Christopher; Clark, Tiffany; Farrell, Caitlin; Fishman, Barry; Russell, Jennifer; Penuel, William R.; Marin, Ananda
2022Promoting Shifts in Teachers’ Understanding and Use of Phenomena in Instruction and AssessmentLo, Abraham S.; Glidewell, Loraine; O'connor, Keelin; Allen, Annie; Herrmann-Abell, Cari F.; Penuel, William R.; Wingert, Kerri; Lindsay, William
2014-06Research-Practice Partnerships WorkshopPenuel, William R.; Bell, Philip
2016-07Researchers and Practitioners Co-Designing for Expansive Science Learning and Educational EquityBell, Philip; Severance, Samuel; Penuel, William R.; Sumner, Tamara; Mommandi, Wagma; Quigley, David; Van Horne, Katie; Johnson, Raymond; Stromholt, Shelley; Lakhani, Heena; Davis, Katie; Bell, Adam; Bang, Megan
2002-01Structuring Group Learning within a Web-based Science Inquiry ProgramYarnall, Louise; Penuel, William R.
2023Supporting Alignments in Scientific Activity: Moving Across Question, Evidence, and ExplanationDeverel-Rico, Clarissa; Penuel, William R.; Rubin, Andee; Puttick, Gillian; Henson, Kate
2020-06Teachers Learning to Promote Classroom Discourse, Equity, Agency, and EngagementHall, Allison; Nathan, Mitchell; Swart, Michael; Fitzpatrick, Susan; Dolezalek, Brent; Correnti, Richard; Witherspoon, Eben; Matsumura, Lindsay Clare; Walsh, Maggie; Schunn, Chris; Stein, Mary Kay; Nicholas, Celeste; McClain, Jessica; Rogers, Meredith Park; Danish, Joshua; Gibbons, Lynsey; Manz, Eve; Wilhelm, Annie; Bien, Andrea; Kavanagh, Sarah; Siy, Eric; Dutro, Elizabeth; Ghousseini, Hala; Kazemi, Elham; Griesemer, Chris; Zivic, Aliza; Edwards, Kelsey; Murzynski, Christina; Smith, J. F. Trey; Alzen, Jessica L.; Passmore, Cynthia; Penuel, William R.; Reiser, Brian J.; Goldman, Susan; Ko, Mon-Lin; Herbst, Patricio; Milewski, Amanda; Ogan, Amy; Clarke, Sherice; Gomoll, Andrea; Zimmerman, John; Calvillo, Jesus; Gutierrez, Kris
2023A Teaching Routine for Working With Existing Data in Science ClassroomsPenuel, William R.; Rubin, Andee; Henson, Kate; Puttick, Gillian; Deverel-Rico, Clarissa
2014-06Toward an Argumentative Grammar for Socio-Cultural/Cultural-Historical Activity Approaches to Design ResearchCole, Michael; Engeström, Yrjö; Sannino, Annalisa; Gutiérrez, Kris D.; Jurow, A. Susan; Packer, Martin J.; Penuel, William R.; Johnson, Raymond; Severance, Samuel; Leary, Heather; Miller, Susan; O'Neill, D. Kevin
2010-06Using Design Personas to Inform Refinements to Software for Science LearningLundh, Patrik; Cheng, Britte; Penuel, William R.; Joshi, Aasha; Lesk, Hannah