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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-06Fostering Innovation Implementation: Findings about Supporting Scale from GLOBEFishman, Barry; Penuel, William; Yamaguchi, Ryoko
2012-07Fostering Teachers' Use of Talk Moves to Promote Productive Participation in Scientific PracticesPenuel, William; Beauvineau, Yves; DeBarger, Angela Haydel; Moorthy, Savitha
2016-07FUSE: An Alternative Infrastructure for Empowering Learners in SchoolsStevens, Reed; Jona, Kemi; Penney, Lauren; Champion, Dionne; Ramey, Kay E.; Hilppö, Jaakko; Echevarria, Ruben; Penuel, William
2012-07Locating the Development of Interest: Tools for Studying the Mutual Constitution of Persons and Cultural Practices in PlacesPenuel, William; Falk, John H.; Dierking, Lynn D.; Kirshner, Ben; Haun-Frank, Julie; York, Adam J.
2008-06Measuring Mathematics Discourse in Technology-Supported Collaborative ActivitiesRafanan, Ken; Roschelle, Jeremy; Bhanot, Ruchi; Gorges, Torie; Penuel, William
2008-06The Mediating Role of Coherence in Curriculum ImplementationPenuel, William; Fishman, Barry J.; Gallagher, Lawrence P.; Korbak, Christine; Lopez-Prado, Bladimir
2011-06Mind the Gaps: Using Patterns to Change Everyday Classroom Practice Towards Contingent CSCL TeachingPrieto, Luis P.; Villagra-Sobrino, Sara; Dimitriadis, Yannis; Schank, Patricia; Penuel, William; DeBarger, Angela Haydel
2019Primer: Design-Based Implementation ResearchMartin, Wendy; Fishman, Barry; Cheng, Britte; Penuel, William
2016-07Students’ Responses to Curricular Activities as Indicator of Coherence in Project-Based SciencePenuel, William; Van Horne, Katie; Severance, Sam; Quigley, David; Sumner, Tamara