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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07A Climate of Support: A Process-Oriented Analysis of the Impact of Rapport on Peer TutoringMadaio, Michael; Peng, Kun; Ogan, Amy; Cassell, Justine
2019-06The Effectiveness of Publicly vs. Privately Assigned Group Leaders Among Learners in Rural Villages in TanzaniaUchidiuno, Judith; Yarzebinski, Evelyn; Vargas-Vite, Emilio; Koedinger, Ken; Ogan, Amy
2017-07The Impact of Peer Tutors’ Use of Indirect Feedback and InstructionsMadaio, Michael; Cassell, Justine; Ogan, Amy
2022Investigating Girls’ Perspectives and Knowledge Gaps on Ethics and Fairness in Artificial Intelligence in a Lightweight WorkshopSolyst, Jaemarie; Axon, Alexis; Stewart, Angela; Eslami, Motahhare; Ogan, Amy
2021-06Investigating Teacher Data Needs In Terms of Teacher Immediacy and Nonverbal BehaviorsXhakaj, Franceska; Ogan, Amy; Lee, Na Young; Ulberg, Erik; Luo, Amy; Lee, Seoyoung; Hu, Katrina
2023Making Sense of Machine Learning: Integrating Youth’s Conceptual, Creative, and Critical Understandings of AIMorales-Navarro, Luis; Kafai, Yasmin B.; Castro, Francisco; Payne, William; DesPortes, Kayla; DiPaola, Daniella; Williams, Randi; Ali, Safinah; Breazeal, Cynthia; Lee, Clifford; Soep, Elisabeth; Long, Duri; Magerko, Brian; Solyst, Jaemarie; Ogan, Amy; Tatar, Cansu; Jiang, Shiyan; Chao, Jie; Rosé, Carolyn P.; Vakil, Sepehr
2020-06Teachers Learning to Promote Classroom Discourse, Equity, Agency, and EngagementHall, Allison; Nathan, Mitchell; Swart, Michael; Fitzpatrick, Susan; Dolezalek, Brent; Correnti, Richard; Witherspoon, Eben; Matsumura, Lindsay Clare; Walsh, Maggie; Schunn, Chris; Stein, Mary Kay; Nicholas, Celeste; McClain, Jessica; Rogers, Meredith Park; Danish, Joshua; Gibbons, Lynsey; Manz, Eve; Wilhelm, Annie; Bien, Andrea; Kavanagh, Sarah; Siy, Eric; Dutro, Elizabeth; Ghousseini, Hala; Kazemi, Elham; Griesemer, Chris; Zivic, Aliza; Edwards, Kelsey; Murzynski, Christina; Smith, J. F. Trey; Alzen, Jessica L.; Passmore, Cynthia; Penuel, William R.; Reiser, Brian J.; Goldman, Susan; Ko, Mon-Lin; Herbst, Patricio; Milewski, Amanda; Ogan, Amy; Clarke, Sherice; Gomoll, Andrea; Zimmerman, John; Calvillo, Jesus; Gutierrez, Kris
2018-07Towards a Framework for Smart Classrooms that Teach Instructors to TeachGerritsen, David; Zimmerman, John; Ogan, Amy
2016-07Uncovering Teachers’ Pedagogical Reasoning in Science DiscussionsClarke, Sherice; Gerritsen, David; Grainger, Rebecca; Ogan, Amy
2018-07Using Iterative Design to Create Efficacy-Building Social Experiences with a Teachable RobotLubold, Nichola; Walker, Erin; Pon-Barry, Heather; Flores, Yuliana; Ogan, Amy