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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06Hear What They Say and Watch What They Do: Predicting Valid Mathematical Proofs Using Speech and GesturePier, Elizabeth; Walkington, Candace; Williams, Caroline; Boncoddo, Rebecca; Waala, Jessica; Alibali, Martha W.; Nathan, Mitchell J.
2022Learning Geometry Through Collaborative, Embodied Explorations With Augmented Reality HologramsWalkington, Candace; Nathan, Mitchell J.; Hunnicutt, Jonathan; Washington, Julianna; Holcomb-Webb, Kasi
2022Methods for Analyzing Temporally Entangled Multimodal DataSung, Hanall; Swart, Michael I.; Nathan, Mitchell J.
2023Pose Detection: Towards Ubiquitous Embodied InterventionsFogel, Ariel; Swart, Michael; Grondin, Matthew; Nathan, Mitchell J.
2022The Role of Action-Prediction in Mathematical ReasoningXia, Fangli; Schenck, Kelsey E.; Swart, Michael I.; Nathan, Mitchell J.
2014-06The Role of Feedback in Interest Development in an Out-of-School Engineering SettingMichaelis, Joseph E.; Nathan, Mitchell J.
2004-06The Role of Gesture in Instructional Communication: Evidence from an Early Algebra LessonAlibali, Martha Wagner; Nathan, Mitchell J.
2023Scaffolding the Conceptual Salience of Directed ActionsFogel, Ariel; Swart, Michael; Grondin, Matthew; Xia, Fangli; Schenck, Kelsey E.; Nathan, Mitchell J.
2014-06Teaching about Confidence Intervals: How Instructors Connect Ideas Using Speech and GestureLockwood, Elise; Yeo, Amelia; Crooks, Noelle; Nathan, Mitchell J.; Alibali, Martha W.
2017-07Videoconferencing in Peer Review: Exploring Differences in Efficiency and OutcomesPier, Elizabeth L.; Raclaw, Joshua; Ford, Cecilia E.; Kaatz, Anna; Carnes, Molly; Nathan, Mitchell J.