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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023A Group Awareness Tool for Self-Assessment and Visualization of Participation: Its Effect on the Regulation of Unequal ParticipationGuillon, Marie; Molinari, Gaëlle
2013-06How do Students Use Socio-Emotional Markers for Self-Reflection on their Group Work in CSCL Settings? A Study with Visu: A Synchronous and Delayed Reflection ToolLavoué, Élise; Molinari, Gaëlle; Khezami, Safè; Prié, Yannick
2008-06How Learners Use Awareness Cues About Their Peer’s Knowledge? Insights from Synchronized Eye-Tracking DataSangin, Mirweis; Molinari, Gaëlle; Nuessli, Marc-Antoine; Dillenbourg, Pierre
2022How to Promote Optimal Individual and Collaborative Learning in Remote and Hybrid Environments? A Focus on Motivational and Emotional FactorsMolinari, Gaëlle; Raes, Annelies; Zeng, Lily; Bridges, Susan; Mentzer, Nathan; Farrington, Shawn W; Koehler, Adrie; Mohandas, Lakshmy; Aamir, Ali; Claypool, Mallory; Petit, Matthieu; Babin, Julie; Desrochers, Marie-Ève; Järvenoja, Hanna; Törmänen, Tiina; Pramila-Savukoski, Sari; Kuivila, Heli; Järvelä, Sanna; Mikkonen, Kristina; Ollesch, Lisa; Bodemer, Daniel; Weinberger, Armin
2007-07Source Memorization in Chat InteractionsMolinari, Gaëlle; Jermann, Patrick; Dillenbourg, and Pierre
2023What Happens When Collaborators Are Not In-Synch?Sharma, Kshitij; Molinari, Gaëlle
2024What Social Representations Tell Us About Teacher Well-Being: The Crucial Role of TimeVassaux, Cécile; Felder, Joris; Molinari, Gaëlle