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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-06An architecture for intelligent CSCL argumentation systemsLoll, Frank; Pinkwart, Niels; Scheuer, Oliver; McLaren, Bruce M.
2017-07Building Arguments Together or Alone? Using Learning Analytics to Study the Collaborative Construction of Argument DiagramsChounta, Irene-Angelica; McLaren, Bruce M.; Harrell, Maralee
2005-05Cognitive Tutoring of Collaboration: Developmental and Empirical Steps Towards RealizationMcLaren, Bruce M.; Bollen, Lars; Walker, Erin; Harrer, Andreas; Sewall, Jonathan
2013-06Collaborative Learning in Facebook: Can Argument Structure Facilitate Academic Opinion Change?Tsovaltzi, Dimitra; Weinberger, Armin; Scheuer, Oliver; Dragon, Toby; McLaren, Bruce M.
2007-07Combining Structural, Process-oriented and Textual Elements to Generate Awareness Indicators for Graphical E-discussionsHever, Rakheli; De Groot, Reuma; De Laat, Maarten; Harrer, Andreas; Hoppe, Ulrich; McLaren, Bruce M.; Scheuer, and Oliver
2007-07Computer Supported Moderation of E-Discussions: the ARGUNAUT ApproachDe Groot, Reuma; Drachman, Raul; Hever, Rakheli; Schwarz, Baruch B.; Hoppe, Ulrich; Harrer, Andreas; De Laat, Maarten; Wegerif, Rupert; McLaren, Bruce M.; Baurens, and Benoit
2022Evaluating a Framework for Learning Non-Routine Problem-Solving in MathematicsNguyen, Huy Anh; Guo, Yuqing; Nguyen, Vy; Richey, J. Elizabeth; McLaren, Bruce M.
2022Focused Self-Explanations Lead to the BestLearning Outcomes in a Digital Learning GameMcLaren, Bruce M.; Richey, J. Elizabeth; Nguyen, Huy Anh; Mogessie, Michael
2018-07Informing the Design of Teacher Awareness Tools through Causal Alignment AnalysisHolstein, Kenneth; McLaren, Bruce M.; Aleven, Vincent
2013-06Learning How to Learn Together (L2L2): Developing Tools to Support an Essential Complex Competence for the Internet AgeYang, Yang; Wegerif, Rupert; Dragon, Toby; Mavrikis, Manolis; McLaren, Bruce M.
2013-06The Metafora Tool: Supporting Learning to Learn TogetherDe-Groot, Reuma; Dragon, Toby; Mavrikis, Manolis; Harrer, Andreas; Pfahler, Kerstin; McLaren, Bruce M.; Wegerif, Rupert; Kynigos, Chronis; Schwarz, Baruch
2018-07Orchestration tools for teachers in the context of individual and collaborative learning: what information do teachers need and what do they do with it?van Leeuwen, Anouschka; Rummel, Nikol; Holstein, Kenneth; McLaren, Bruce M.; Aleven, Vincent; Molenaar, Inge; Campen, Carolien Knoop-van; Schwarz, Baruch; Prusak, Naomi; Swidan, Osama; Segal, Avi; Gal, Kobi