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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Learning for Every Body: Intersectional Dimensions of Embodied LearningTancredi, Sofia; Vickery, Morgan; Krause, Christina; Benally, Jessica; Champion, Dionne; Solomon, Foloshadé; Hussain, Farha Najah; Gholson, Maisie L.; Y., Jasmine; Marin, Ananda; Lindberg, Lindsay; Lopez, Brenda Yvonne; Davé, Shivani; Mathayas, Nitasha; Steinberg, Selena; Humburg, Megan; Vossoughi, Shirin
2023Making Sense of Modes in Collective Embodied Science ActivitiesSteinberg, Selena; Zhou, Mengxi; Vickery, Morgan; Mathayas, Nitasha; Danish, Joshua
2021-06Movement, Authority, and Knowledge: Examining the Relationships in Embodied and Social Positioning for STEM LearningParr, Erika David; Machaka, Nessrine; Dyer, Elizabeth B.; Krist, Christina; Langer-Osuna, Jennifer; Chavez, Rosa; Malamut, Jim; Kwon, Faith; Lange, Kimiko; Ramirez, Jesse; Gargroetzi, Emma; Walkoe, Janet; Walton, Margaret; Mathayas, Nitasha; Danish, Joshua; Tu, Xintian; Zhou, Mengxi; Vickery, Morgan; Kelly, Susan; Lindgren, Robb; Shim, Soo-Yean
2022Moving Toward Dignity-Affirming Invitations to Embodied Participation in the Design of Learning EnvironmentsMathayas, Nitasha; Vogelstein, Lauren; Danish, Joshua; Lindberg, Lindsay; Marin, Ananda; Kern, Andrea; Orellana, Marjorie; Meixi; Dorr, Sean; Keefe, Daniel; Diaz, Vicente; Zohar, Roni; Tu, Xintian; Cosic, Lana; Vickery, Morgan; Kelton, Molly
2016-07“Show Me” What You Mean: Learning and Design Implications of Eliciting Gesture in Student ExplanationsLindgren, Robb; Wallon, Robert C.; Brown, David E.; Mathayas, Nitasha; Kimball, Nathan
2020-06Variations in Teachers’ Practical Conceptions of Epistemic AgencyKelly, Susan; Mathayas, Nitasha; Machaka, Nessrine; Chis, Jacqueline; Krist, Christina