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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06Advancing Elementary Students’ Reading Comprehension Through Knowledge BuildingLin, Pei-Yi; Hong, Huang-Yao; Ma, Leanne
2023Anti-Black Racism & Mathematics: Designs for Intentionally Fostering Courageous Conversations in a Knowledge Building CommunityAkyea, Thelma; Ma, Leanne
2016-07Community Knowledge, Collective Responsibility: The Emergence of Rotating Leadership in Three Knowledge Building CommunitiesMa, Leanne; Matsuzawa, Yoshiaki; Chen, Bodong; Scardamalia, Marlene
2015-07The Development of Productive Vocabulary in Knowledge Building: A Longitudinal StudyChen, Bodong; Ma, Leanne; Matsuzawa, Yoshiaki; Scardamalia, Marlene
2020-06Emotional and Cognitive Affordances of Collaborative Learning EnvironmentsZhu, Gaoxia; Teo, Chew Lee; Scardamalia, Marlene; Badron, Mohamed Faizal; Martin, Kit; Raman, Preeti; Hewitt, Jim; Teo, Tang Wee; Tan, Aik Ling; Ng, Andy; Nazeem, Raadiyah; Donoahue, Zoe; Lai, Zhixin; Ma, Leanne; Woodruff, Earl
2019-06An Exploratory Study of Automated Clustering of Themes to Identify Conceptual Threads in Knowledge Building DiscourseZhu, Gaoxia; Ma, Leanne; Toulis, Andrew; Resendes, Monica
2018-07Improving Elementary Students’ Literacy through Knowledge BuildingLin, Pei-Yi; Ma, Leanne; Chang, Yu-Hui; Hong, Huang-Yao; Lin, Chiu-Pin
2019-06The Knowledge Building Network Pilot Project: An Exploration of Emergent Designs to Enhance Collective Teacher EfficacyMa, Leanne; Resendes, Monica; Scardamalia, Marlene; Dobbie, Karen
2019-06Using Epistemic Network Analysis to Explore Ways of Contributing to Knowledge Building DiscourseMa, Leanne; Matsuzawa, Yoshiaki; Scardamalia, Marlene
2017-07Using Rotating Leadership to Visualize Students’ Epistemic Agency and Collective Responsibility for Knowledge AdvancementMa, Leanne; Tan, Samuel; Teo, Chew Lee; Kamsan, Muhamad Ansar B.