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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-07Connecting Visitors to Exhibits through Design: Exploring United States census data with CoCensusRoberts, Jessica; Lyons, Leilah; Radinsky, Joshua; Cafaro, Francesco
2020-06Data Literacy for Social JusticeMatuk, Camillia; Yoon, Susan; Polman, Joseph; Amato, Anna; Barton, Jacob; Bulalacao, Nicole Marie; Cafaro, Francesco; Haldar, Lina Chopra; Cottone, Amanda; Cortes, Krista; DesPortes, Kayla; Erickson, Tim; Finzer, William; Taylor, Katie Headrick; Herbel-Eisenmann, Beth; Graville, Cynthia; Gutiérrez, Kris; Higgins, Traci; Himes, Blanca; Lanouette, Kathryn; Lee, Hollylynne; Lim, Vivian; Lopez, M. Lisette; Lyons, Leilah; Milz, Dan; Olivares, Maria C.; Osche, Elizabeth; Parikh, Tapan S.; Philip, Thomas; Rubel, Laurie; Shelley, Joey; Rivero, Edward; Roberts, Jessica; Roberto, Collette; Petrosino, Tony; Rubin, Andee; Shim, Jooeun; Silander, Megan; Sommer, Stephen; Stokes, David; Tes, Marian; Trajkova, Milka; Urbanowicz, Ryan; Vacca, Ralph; Van Wart, Sarah; Vasudevan, Veena; Wilkerson, Michelle; Woods, Peter J.
2010-06Designing for an Informal Learning Environment: Towards a Participatory Simulation Design Process for Public Policy PlanningDasgupta, Chandan; Lyons, Leilah; Zellner, Moira; Greenlee, Andrew
2014-06Designing for Student Agency and Authority around Issues of Climate ChangeHand, Victoria; Lyons, Leilah; Mouza, Chrystalla; Walsh, Elizabeth
2009-06Designing opportunistic user interfaces to support a collaborative museum exhibitLyons, Leilah
2013-06Extending the Reach of Embodied Interaction in Informal SpacesSlattery, Brian; Lyons, Leilah; Silva, Brenda López; Jimenez, Priscilla
2014-06How Interpreters Make Use of Technological Supports in an Interactive Zoo ExhibitSlattery, Brian; Lyons, Leilah; Pazmino, Priscilla Jimenez; Silva, Brenda A. López; Moher, Tom
2013-06Interface Tangibility and Gesture in Mediating Individual Agency Within Group Spatial Problem Solving with an Ecosystem SimulationKwah, Helen; Lyons, Leilah; Ching, Dixie; Eck, Adam; Soh, Leen-Kiat; Brassil, Chad
2006-06MUSHI: A Multi-Device Framework for Collaborative Inquiry LearningLyons, Leilah; Lee, Joseph; Quintana, Christopher; Soloway, Elliot
2013-06Promises and Perils of Using Digital Tools in Informal Science Learning Environments: Design Considerations for LearningYoon, Susan; Quintana, Chris; Lyons, Leilah; Perry, Judy; Osterweil, Scot; Lindgren, Robb
2020-06Reframing Playful Participation in Museums: Identity, Collaboration, Inclusion, and JoyBerland, Matthew; de Royston, Maxine McKinney; Lyons, Leilah; Kumar, Vishesh; Hansen, Derek; Hooper, Paula; Lindgren, Robb; Planey, James; Quigley, Kathryn; Thompson, Wren; Beheshti, Elham; Uzzo, Stephen; Hladik, Stephanie; Ozacar, Basak Helvaci; Shanahan, Marie-Claire; Sengupta, Pratim; Ahn, June; Bonsignore, elizabeth; Kraus, Kari; Kaczmarek-Frew, Kathryn; Booker, Angela
2017-07Scoring Qualitative Informal Learning Dialogue: The SQuILD Method for Measuring Museum Learning TalkRoberts, Jessica; Lyons, Leilah
2021-06Studying Shared Regulation in Immersive Learning EnvironmentsCohen, Rinat Levy; Mallavarapu, Aditi; Lyons, Leilah; Uzzo, Stephen
2014-06Synergistic Scaffolding of Technologically-Enhanced STEM Learning in Informal InstitutionsLyons, Leilah; Anderson, Emma; Carney, Michael; Elinich, Karen; Lindgren, Robb; Tscholl, Michael; Quintana, Chris; Roberts, Jessica; Wang, Joyce; Yoon, Susan; Tabak, Iris
2010-06Technologies and Tools to Support Informal Science LearningZimmerman, Heather Toomey; Kanter, David E.; Ellenbogen, Kirsten; Lyons, Leilah; Zuiker, Steven J.; Satwicz, Tom; Martell, Sandra Toro; Hsi, Sherry; Smith, Brian K.; Brown, Matthew
2013-06That's Me and That's You: Museum Visitors' Perspective-Taking Around an Embodied Interaction Data Map DisplayRoberts, Jessica; Cafaro, Francesco; Kang, Raymond; Vogt, Kristen; Lyons, Leilah; Radinsky, Josh
2012-07Understanding How Learners Grapple with Wicked Problems in Environmental ScienceSlattery, Brian; Dasgupta, Chandan; Shelley, Tia; Lyons, Leilah; Minor, Emily; Zellner, Moira