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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06Mathematical Tasks as Boundary Objects in Design-Based Implementation ResearchJohnson, Raymond; Severance, Samuel; Leary, Heather; Miller, Susan
2014-06More Than Just Plain Old Technology Adoption: Understanding Variations in Teachers’ Use of an Online Planning ToolLeary, Heather; Lee, Victor R.; Recker, Mimi
2023Rural Science Teachers Collaborative Design and Iterative Implementation of Three-Dimensional LessonsHolder, Bryan; Longhurst, Max; Leary, Heather; Sansom, Rebecca; Stowers, Josh; Hudson, Michelle; Poulsen, Tracy; Smith, Clara
2018-07Teachers Collaboratively Creating Micro-Credentials for Professional DevelopmentPowell, Sandy; Leary, Heather; McLachlan, Lisa; Brock, Karen
2023Technology-Mediated Lesson Study: Facilitating Three-Dimensional Science With Rural Science TeachersHudson, Michelle; Sansom, Rebecca; Leary, Heather; Stowers, Josh; Poulsen, Tracy; Smith, Clara; Longhurst, Max
2021-06A Template for Facilitating Knowledge-Building Discourse in Online Teacher Professional DevelopmentAllman, Bohdana; Leary, Heather
2014-06Tensions in a Multi-Tiered Research-Practice PartnershipSeverance, Samuel; Leary, Heather; Johnson, Raymond
2022Thrive Online: Preparing Learners for Success in Online LearningWest, Layne; Measom, Erin; Leary, Heather; Call, Hannah; Tuiloma, Sara; Arts, Anna; Rogers, Amy; Brooksby, Devin; Nielsen, Grant
2014-06Toward an Argumentative Grammar for Socio-Cultural/Cultural-Historical Activity Approaches to Design ResearchCole, Michael; Engeström, Yrjö; Sannino, Annalisa; Gutiérrez, Kris D.; Jurow, A. Susan; Packer, Martin J.; Penuel, William R.; Johnson, Raymond; Severance, Samuel; Leary, Heather; Miller, Susan; O'Neill, D. Kevin
2024Understanding Teaching Assistant Interactions with Online StudentsMeasom, Erin; Leary, Heather
2020-06Using Design-Based Research to Solve Wicked ProblemsLeary, Heather; Severance, Samuel
2024Using Technology-Mediated Lesson Study with Rural Teachers to Improve Three-Dimensional Science InstructionHudson, Michelle; Sansom, Rebecca; Leary, Heather; Stowers, Josh; Smith, Clara; Poulsen, Tracy; Longhurst, Max; Moore, Austin
2019-06Young Interpreters: The Situated as SupportiveJohnstun, Kevin; Leary, Heather; Jensen, Bryant