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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Co-Designing AI-Based Orchestration Tools to Support Dynamic Transitions: Design Narratives Through Conjecture MappingLawrence, LuEttaMae; Guo, Boyuan; Yang, Kexin; Echeverria, Vanessa; Kang, Zimmy; Bathala, Vikrant; Li, Christina; Huang, William; Aleven, Vincent; Rummel, Nikol
2023Comparing the Pedagogical Strategies of Teachers Who Co-Designed Units to Support Students’ Theory BuildingDawkins, Allisia; Lawrence, LuEttaMae; Swanson, Hillary
2017-07Engaging Everyday Science Knowledge to Help Make Sense of DataKelly, Susan B.; Lawrence, LuEttaMae; Mercier, Emma
2021-06Examining the Influence of Instructor Interventions on Group CollaborationLawrence, LuEttaMae; Tucker, Taylor; Mercier, Emma
2023Factors That Impact the Implementation of a Game Based Curriculum and Adaptations Teachers Design to Address ThemLawrence, LuEttaMae; Garcia, Daniel I.; Ochoa, Karlena; Valdez, Sabrina; Begolli, Kreshnik; Bustamante, Andres S.; Ahn, June
2024How Research Practice Partnerships Build Comfort and Strengthen Collaborations as Research Agendas ShiftLawrence, LuEttaMae; Jones, Bonni; Solola, Idris; Swanson, Hillary
2024The Impact of Responsive-Teaching-Focused Co-design on Teacher PracticeSolola, Idris; Swanson, Hillary; Lawrence, LuEttaMae
2022Mapping the Complexities and Benefits of Research-Design PartnershipsMercier, Emma; Lawrence, LuEttaMae; Ahn, June; Wegemer, Christopher; Benichou, Maya; Kali, Yael; Hod, Yotam; Borge, Marcela; Gomez, Kimberley; Lee, Ung-Sang; McKenney, Susan; Poortman, Cindy; Arce-Trigatti, Paula; Cheng, Britte Haugan
2024A Preliminary Model for Responsive Co-DesignSwanson, Hillary; Lawrence, LuEttaMae
2024Responsive Teaching in the Context of Theory-Building ActivitiesSwanson, Hillary; Lawrence, LuEttaMae
2019-06A Review of the Evolving Definition of Orchestration: Implications for Research and DesignLawrence, LuEttaMae; Mercier, Emma
2023“Shake the Slinky More”: Exploring the Medley of Meaning in Middle School Science Students’ LanguageArnell, Jared; Swanson, Hillary; Lawrence, LuEttaMae
2023“Sparking” Math Talk in a Fraction Ball Classroom LessonLin, Ethan S.; Alvarez-Vargas, Daniela; Lawrence, LuEttaMae; Ochoa, Karlena; Acevedo-Farag, Lourdes M.; Cao, Zhong; Rhodes, Kathy; Bustamante, Andres S.
2021-06Towards Bringing Human-Centered Design to K-12 and Post-Secondary EducationShehab, Saadeddine; Tissenbaum, Mike; Lawrence, LuEttaMae; Lewis, Daniel Rees; Easterday, Matthew; Carlson, Spencer; Royalty, Adam; Chen, Helen; Sheri, Sheppard; Goldman, Shelley; Kuo, Annie Camey; Lange, Kimiko; Mesinas, Melissa; Pozos, Rose K.; Toprani, Dhvani; AlQahtani, Mona; Xia, Yu; Borge, Marcela; Sawyer, Keith