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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Heterogenous Sensemaking: How Multilingual Girls and a Teacher Engaged in Joint LearningKayumova, Shakhnoza; Kahveci, Esma Nur
2018-07“I Have an Opinion about Science I Think Part is True and Part is Not”: Emergent Bilingual/Multilingual Adolescents “Figuring” Science Learning Through Virtual LabsKayumova, Shakhnoza; Cardello, Suzanne
2024I see myself as a Science Person: Insights into Science Identity Development Among Emergent Multilingual YouthKayumova, Shakhnoza; Raj, Anupam; Harper, Akira
2024Mapping the Complexities of Teacher Change: A Conjecture Mapping Approach to Designing Computational Thinking Professional DevelopmentLiu, Zhichun; Liu, Ruohan; Orrill, Chandra; Kayumova, Shakhnoza; Balasubramanian, Ramprasad
2024One-on-One Coaching to Support Connection Making: Moving Professional Learning to PracticeOrrill, Chandra; Gearty, Zarina; Brown, Rachael Eriksen; Kayumova, Shakhnoza; Balasubramanian, Ramprasad
2020-06Rethinking Transdisciplinarity in the Learning Sciences: Critical and Emergent PerspectivesTakeuchi, Miwa A.; Adams, Jennifer; Alley, Zander; Baker, Kukik; Gutiérrez, Kris; Lehrer, Rich; Leyva, Luis; Rahm, Jrene; Sengupta, Pratim; Shanahan, Marie-Claire; Tagalik, Shirley; Yin, Peng; Kayumova, Shakhnoza
2022-03Supporting STEM Identity Development through Asset-Based PositioningKayumova, Shakhnoza; Arrigo, Anthony F.; Harper, Akira; Richard, Eleanor; Welty, Heather
2020-06Towards Onto-Epistemic Justice: Making Identities and Agencies of Bilingual/Multilingual Learners Visible in Science EducationKayumova, Shakhnoza; Harper, Akira