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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Combining Non-Programming Activities with Programming for Introducing Foundational Computing ConceptsGrover, Shuchi; Jackiw, Nicholas; Lundh, Patrik; Basu, Satabdi
2018-07Concepts Before Coding: The Impact of Classroom Culture and Activity Design on Student Engagement with Computer Science ConceptsLundh, Patrik; Grover, Shuchi; Jackiw, Nicholas
2016-07Designing a Blended, Middle School Computer Science Course for Deeper Learning: A Design-Based Research ApproachGrover, Shuchi; Pea, Roy
2014-06Expansive Framing and Preparation for Future Learning in Middle-School Computer ScienceGrover, Shuchi; Pea, Roy D.; Cooper, Stephen
2018-07Peer Tutor Matching for Introductory Programming: Data-Driven Methods to Enable New Opportunities for HelpDiana, Nicholas; Eagle, Michael; Stamper, John; Grover, Shuchi; Bienkowski, Marie; Basu, Satabdi
2018-07A Principled Approach to Designing Assessments That Integrate Science and Computational ThinkingBasu, Satabdi; McElhaney, Kevin W; Grover, Shuchi; Harris, Christopher J.; Biswas, Gautam
2018-07The State of the Field in Computational Thinking AssessmentTissenbaum, Mike; Sheldon, Joshua; Sherman, Mark A; Abelson, Hal; Weintrop, David; Jona, Kemi; Horn, Mike; Wilensky, Uri; Basu, Satabdi; Rutstein, Daisy; Snow, Eric; Shear, Linda; Grover, Shuchi; Lee, Irene; Klopfer, Eric; Jayathirtha, Gayithri; Shaw, Mia; kafai, yasmin; Mustafaraj, Eni; Temple, Will; Shapiro, R. Benjamin; Lui, Debora; Sorensen, Clara